Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days


Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s…

Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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Travelling great west Cuba by bicycle - 7-day cycle round trip

A bicycle trip with an escort vehicle as well as a very own tour guide and overnight stays in private accommodations.

1 weeks with the bicycle through the great west...


"Traveling great west Cuba by bicycle"

This 7 day long bicycle tour is for vacationers keen on biking who would like to actively explore western Cuba. With our trekking bicycle you will be riding from 30 to 70 kilometers daily.
Your baggage is safe in our corollary car on which you can also get at any time.
This bicycle trip will surprise you with amazing experiences, unseen during normal bicycle trips, and authentically lead you through Cuba. Cuba travelers who want to experience the extraordinary landscape of natural beauty and many picturesque and authentic places in west Cuba will love this biking trip. The trip starts at Havana by car or by minivan from where we go to the province Pinar del Rio up until the highway exit that leads to the biosphere nature park Sierra del Rosario. On your bikes you will ride into the tropical natural landscape up to Las Terrazas and with a local tour you will be able to have a peek into the authentic lifestyle of the local countrymen. There will be another stop at the orchid garden of Soroa in the nature park with the same name as well as at the waterfall Arcoiris. After visiting the old health spa resort San Diego de los Banos with its bathing facilities from before the revolution, we will go into the Sierra de los Organos. You will ride through breathtaking and charming photogenic landscapes up to the cave of Che (Cueva de los Portales). After the visit at this impressive natural monument the bicycle trip will continue to the gorgeous Viñales with its imposing natural landscape. During the entire biking trip you will encounter many photogenic and interesting places in this magnificent part of west Cuba. You will get to know the famous area around Viñales by visiting the tropical Viñales valleys and unique landmarks, embedded in the tropical karst landscape of the Mogotes, a tobacco farm as well as through a cave river trip. After having visited the province capital Pinar del Rio we will drive back to Havana by car or minivan, which concludes the bicycle trip.

Travel Details

Arrival in Havana should happen at least one day before the start of the tour. The overnight stay before the trip should also preferably already be in the chosen private accommodation (Casa Particulares) in Havana. Please let us know in case we should additionally book the overnight stays in Havana for the days before and after the tour for you.

Day 1: Havana – Las Terrazas – Soroa
7:00 am: Collective breakfast in the accommodation or café (in case of hotel stay). At the same time the tour is discussed with your bicycle guide and tour guide.
After that, adjustment of the bikes for every individual person.

Approx. 9:00 am: 53 km drive on the highway by car or minivan to west Cuba into the province Pinar del Rio up to the exit/entry Las Terrazas. The bicycles are transported separately.

Daily distance by bicycle: 40 km
From here we continue to the nature park Sierra del Rosario up to the famous community Las Tarrazas with its colony of artists and a beautiful lakeside location. Here you will take a short sightseeing walk during which you will have the story of this first ‘sustainable settlement’ told to you. During the years before the revolution the area west of Havana was almost completely deforested and started to become desolate. The woodsmen who used to live here rank among the poorest in Cuba but it was them who reforested the area again after the revolution. Here are also ruins of old coffee plantations. Lunch will be at a restaurant on the way.
Subsequently you will continue inside this Unesco biosphere reserve to the nature park Soroa over the old mountain road. This place is named after the Frenchman Jean Pierre Soroa who managed a big coffee plantation here in the 19th century. This nature park is famous for its fabulous tropical mountain landscape. Together, we will visit the orchid garden which holds more than 700 different orchid subspecies of which many are endemic and greatly photogenic. During May to October you can gaze upon the gorgeous waterfall Salto de Arcoiris (up to 21 m high). Since it carries a lot of water you can venture down the slope to its ponds to take a refreshing bath in an idyllic natural basin if there is enough time.

Accommodation: Soroa, private bed and breakfast inn (Casa Particular).
Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 2: Soroa – San Diego de los Banos
7:00 am: Breakfast. Daily distance approx. 65 km
We continue through the national park La Vida to San Diego de los Banos by bicycle. On your two-wheeler, you will ride through the tropical forests of the natural park and cross small rivers and lakes as well as pass through streets in beautiful scenery. Lunch will be at a restaurant on the way.
We will reach San Diego de los Banos in the late afternoon. This place is a Cuban health spa with old mineral springs which people have been coming to visit since colonial times. In the time before the revolution many mafioso greats and rich habaneros, as well as American tourists used to come here to relax and take cures. Today this remains an interesting place, still worth seeing but barely retained. The past greatly chipped away at it, although it still qualifies as a location that provides pretty scenes for nostalgic pictures and photos.

Accommodation: San Diego de los Banos, Hotel Mirador (B&B).
Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 3: San Diego de los Banos – Cueva de Portales - Viñales
7:00 am: Breakfast. Daily distance approx. 70 km
On our bikes we will then continue through the national park La Güira to Viñales. We lead you through an incredibly magnificent landscape of the tropical mountains with breathtaking views from the heights of the foothills of the tropical mountains Sierra de los Organos. That’s also already close to the main attraction of the tour, the cave of Che - La Cueva de los Portales. Ernesto Che Guevara once hid away here with his loyalists during the revolutionary war. This large cave and rock maze which lies in an idyllic location is a completely unique monument of nature, which is perfect for taking pictures and sure impress you.
Lunch will be at a restaurant on the way. Our route goes right through lovely mahogany and cedar forests until we finally reach Viñales.

Accommodation: Viñales, private bed and breakfast inn (Casa Particular).
Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 4: Viñales - Cueva Santo Tómas - Viñales
8:00 am: Breakfast. Daily distance approx. 36 km
Biking trip from Viñales up to the Gran Caverna de Santo Tómas.The tour leads right through an enchanting landscape of the tropical mountains with huge Mogotes and wide valleys of the beautiful tropical landscape of Viñales. After 30 km we reach the cave Santo Tómas. Together with us you will visit the limestone cave ‘Gran Caverna de Santo Tómas‘, which is greatly worth watching. It is the second largest cave system on the entire American continent. On a 90 minute hike you can gaze upon the impressive stalactites and stalagmites with interesting rock formations and cave paintings of the native inhabitants. Lunch will be at a restaurant on the way. On the way back to Viñales we will come across tobacco fields and drying houses embedded in the long valleys. Here you also have a good chance to take a few breaks for taking beautiful pictures. The place of evening strolls, Viñales.

Accommodation: Viñales, private bed and breakfast inn (Casa Particular).
Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 5: Viñales tour around the area
7:00 am: Breakfast. Daily distance approx. 60 km
A day’s journey through the surrounding tropical Viñales valleys with the tropical mountain caves of the karstic Sierra de los Organos valleys. We advance into the unique tropical natural landscape of the mountain peaks, the Mogotes, which are protected by the UNESCO. Remnants of gigantic collapsed ancient caves. Then we take a tour into the Palmerito Valley and visit of a tobacco finca. You will learn a lot about the cultivation of tobacco, and depending on the season, you will see how tobacco leaves are processed as well as see the ancient methods and the treatment of the leaves in drying houses.
Lunch will be at a restaurant on the way.
After that we will take photo breaks in no particular order at different interesting Mogotes. We will also stop at beautiful sights in the area like the breathtaking observation deck Las Jasmines and at the prehistoric wall of Dos Hermanas. Furthermore we visit the cave Cueva del Indios, which has a river flowing through it and you will pass through on a boat.

Accommodation: Viñales, private bed and breakfast inn (Casa Particular).
Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

During an evening stroll in Viñales you can immerse yourself in Cuban live music and the fascinating atmosphere of this place. (Optional)

Day 6: Viñales – Pinar del Rio – Habana
7:00 am: Breakfast. Daily distance approx. 30 km
After we say goodbye to Viñales, we start our trip towards Pinar del Rio, the province capital with the same name of the western province of Cuba, over a beautiful mountain road called Sierra de los Organos. Then there will be a short sightseeing tour through the town. Afterwards we will visit the cigar factory Francisco Donatien and the liquor factory of the town, which is a bit further off (in case both are open, closed on Sundays and holidays). Lunch will be at a local Paladar. Subsequently you will drive back to Havana by car or minivan.
Return of the bicycles.

Accommodation: Viñales, private bed and breakfast inn (Casa Particular).
Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 7: Habana
Breakfast: End of the tour

End of the 7-day bicycle trip through great west Cuba

Tip for an evening in Havana: Visit the Tropicana Revue or the Revue Parisien. (Optional)

Travel advice: Please remember to bring appropriate footwear, headwear and weatherproof clothing as well as a sufficient amount of water/drinks. Don’t forget your swimwear and take your own bicycle saddle with you!

Notice: The entire program, as well as the accommodations, are subject to change. Excursions, tours and the programs don’t have a set sequence, their order may change and they depend on the weather conditions and on how much daylight there still is. Unpredictable technical condition changes may also be a reason for last-minute cancelations or changes enforced by the tourist guide. The program order and the order of the day trips are determined by the tour guide. We apologize for any inconvenience. During the Winter months the program order changes due to the days being shorter.

Please consider: Participating in trips with private means of transport for example like private cars, bike cabs, vintage cars, horse-drawn carriages (and the like) as well as finding accommodation in Casas Particulares (private guesthouse) are at the traveler’s own risk.

End of the round trip


FTGW7 Biking Tour Great West Cuba – THE 7 DAY PROGRAM  

 Events from Havana onwards: Daily departure possible


Prices per person in a double room: 

2 People - 7 Days - € 1430
4 People - 7 Days - € 1020
6 People - 7 Days - € 899


Included in the price:
 7 day bicycle trip. Different routes by car or minivan
 From Havana with an escort vehicle (transporting baggage)
 Rental bicycle per participant (spare bike carried along)
 From 2 people upwards (6 people max.)
 With own tour guide. German-speaking travel courier
 Accommodation in a Casa Particulares (private bread and breakfast inn) + 1 Hotel OS
 Places of accommodation as shown in our program
 Lunch and dinner as shown in the program
 5 liters of water per person per day
 Other drinks are optional during meals and not included
 Excursions and visits as shown in the program
 Secured payment certificate for the travel price

Not included in the price:
 Transfers and overnight stays outside the program
 Bicycle helmet and gloves
 Additions of any kind
 Cost of services outside the program offered
 Optional trips, excursions and services
 Tips
 Drinks in the Paladares, Casas, restaurants or other places
 Tourist Tax Cuba and Handling Fee (p.p. 40 EUR)


Level of Difficulty Guide

Difficulty 2-3:
This bicycle trip has a difficulty of 2-3 (Easy/Mediocre) and is suitable for the experienced cyclist. Moderate athletic preparation is necessary for this bicycle trip through the tropical landscapes. There will be easy and hilly and also longer routes in some cases. The trip goes across barely trafficked streets and sandy runways. You will ride through flat areas, on slight to mountainous hills and curvy routes at high altitude.

Our accommodations are good, specifically chosen private guesthouses (Casas Particulares) by default. Most private accommodations are central, although can vary depending on the overnight stay place. An own restroom and bathroom are provided in every room. The rooms are generally double rooms. Individual travelers can book a single room at a premium. Otherwise individual travelers will be put into double rooms with a fellow passenger of the same sex. Breakfast is usually included. However, deviations are possible. Please pay attention to our program announcement. 

Tour Guide:
We would like to point out that the tour guides’ knowledge of the German language can vary. Especially during the main season (November-April) demand for German-speaking tour guides is very high. Therefore it may be the case that tour guides have knowledge of the German language but cannot speak it fluently. Generally English skills are very good, so there should not be any communication issues.
General information and changes in the program:
Please note that tourist attractions, gastronomic facilities etc. may close suddenly and without advance notice. In cases like that we will do our best to find an offer of equal value on site.
Changes, falsities, transmission or typing errors are reserved:
Our announcements, confirmations and travel conditions are essential for our offers.

Important note: Subsequent billing is possible in the case of unexpected Euro/Dollar fluctuations. 


All nights and accomodations like mentioned in the trip details. Please notice that you might be booked into other but equivalent hotels during high season!


For flights to Cuba please search via a search engine in your country. 

We are pleased to book you a domestic flight. 

Domestic Flight:


VALIDITY FROM 01.11.2015 to 31.10.2016



One way

Round Trip

from/to Havana

Cayo Largo (airport transfer included)



Cayo Coco



Cayo Santa Maria



from / to Varadero

Cayo Largo (airport transfer included)





One way

Round Trip

from/to Havana

Santiago de Cuba









Nueva Gerona












Las Tunas






(Please consider rebooking and cancellation conditions for domestic flights in the trade terms)
Prices are subject to currency fluctuations
In case of a booking the information of nationality, passport number and date of birth are required.
Depending on the route, customers receive electronic tickets or vouchers from Cuba4Travel that 
must be exchanged at Havanatur in Havana against tickets.
In any case, a reconfirmation of the charter domestic flights is required upon arrival in 
Children up to 2 years 90% discount (with no claim to occupy a seat, without free allowance). 
Children 2-11 years 25% discount.
Passengers must be 2 hours before departure at the airport

* on flight route without remark no land transfer is included
* the YQ tax may lead to changes by the airline
* bookings must be made by mail using the model with the following data:
1 Name of the tour operator
2 Name of the traveler
3 flight number
4 departure / arrival
5 Date and Time
6 Hotel for pick up at the departure
7 Hotel at the destination
8 passport number
9 other comments

* the hotel pick-up takes place two hours before departure
* the average flight time to the Cayos is 55 minutes
* the child discount is available under the respective airlines

* up to 30 days before the flight 10%
* 15-29 days before the flight 30%
* 14 - 7 days before the flight 60%
* 6-4 days before the flight 80%
* less than 3 days before the flight 100%


Our tips:

- Please bring swimwear for excursions.

- We recommend good sports- and cycling wear.

Travel Request


There is the possibility to go diving during or in connection with your trip. Please let us know in advance, if you would like to go snorkeling or diving and we will be pleased to assist you in finding the right choice.

Further information you can find at