Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days


Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s…

Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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 Other Destinations:


Playa Larga - Playa Giron

The Caribbean beaches in the historically known Bay of Pigs offer relaxing family holidays and diving in world class cenotes. Perfect for diving courses. A region for lots of recreation, but also activity and excursions into the history and the tropical mountains...boredom unknown!

Holidays in the Bay of Pigs - certainly gorgeous...


Playa Larga - Playa Giron - Schweinebucht

The Bay of Pigs (Spanisch Bahía de Cochinos) with the beaches Playa Girón and Playa Larga is a bay at the south coast of Cuba. The bay builds the eastern edge of the Zapata-Peninsula. The name is not derived from pigs (span. cochinos), but from the Caribbean triggerfishes, which are also called cochinos. The fishes can be spotted by the offshore diving in this wonderful bay. 
The two dream beaches invite to relaxing and bathing.   


Travel Details


The journey to the Bay of pigs goes from airport/city Havana via the highway A 1 or from Varadero with the transfer-vehicle through adorable tropical sceneries. On the way, with our individual transfers, you can always take a break for a coffee break, to take pictures or just to enjoy the scenery. 

The journey to the Bay of Pigs and Playa Larga and Playa Giron takes normally 2-3 hours. From Havana we take the highway A1 and continue our ride on the countryroad through the nature park Montemar and past Guama/Treasure lake (a wonderful excursion to the Taino village of the natives situated on lake islands) or from Varadero via countryroads past sugar cane fields and tropical sceneries. We recommend our "Drive Cuba" program for a stay in the Bay of Pigs, because with a car you can do some more wonderful excursions into the surroundings. Playa Giron has a distance of approximately 32 kilometers from Playa Larga, at the the other end of the Bay of Pigs. 


Diving and snorkeling

The diving centre in Playa Larga is situated next to the 3* bungalow installation Playa Larga in a seperate diving centre building. The Diving Center in Playa Girón is directly instalated in the Hotel Playa Girón. In this zone, diving is done from the shore (Offshore Diving). the submarine areas fully with and very attractive steep oceanic rock walls, that are closed to the coast. You find there very beautiful black corals, Gorgoniens and huge sponges setting colorful caribic Corals.

Hotels Playa Larga - Playa Giron

At the Playa Larga you can find the friendly Hotel Playa Larga 3*, which was renovated recently and has 50 bungalows with 44 rooms.


At the 30km away Playa Giron you can find the Hotel Playa Girón, a bungalow-complex with 287 rooms.

Bungalow Playa Giron


Playa Larga - Playa Giron – Diving trip Bay of Pigs 2 weeks including Havana 

A stay at the Bay of Pigs in Playa Larga - Playa Giron can perfectly be combined with an individual Cuba round trip!! Please ask for travel proposals! Prices on demand.


Stay: 2 weeks (without flight to Cuba)

Offer for 1 person in a double: from 629 Euro

Program services: 

Transfer: airport-hotel

Havana, Double, CP Hotel Caribbean 2*, 3 nights
Playa Larga, Double, HB Hotel Playa Larga, 11 nights

Diving: 10 dives ex land 

Single room extra charge: 246 Euro

Note: :

- Participants need at least the diver´s licenxen Open Water Diver
- Diving equipment not included
- Visum: 25 Euro - available from us
- Airport Departure Tax (p.P. 25 CUC)

Further island packages on inquiry. Changes and mistakes in the program, the offer, changes in due to unpredictable Euro-/Dollar-fluctuation, hotel accomodation and price are subject to change!

Further information about this offer you can find at


Hotels Playa Larga - Playa Giron

HOTEL PLAYA LARGA: Hotel Playa Larga is new renovated and has 50 bungalows with 44 rooms, equipped with air-conditioning, WC and shower, satellite television. The equipment has bicycle 2 restaurants, 2 bars, 2 cafes, grill, pool, mini bar, motorcycle, horse and car rental stores, money exchange bureau and Faxleistungen tourism office taxis tennis and soccer ground, playing field for Strandvolleyball, society room, and parking place.

HOTEL PLAYA GIRON: Hotel Playa Girón is a bungalow installation with 287 rooms, equipped with air-conditioning, WC and shower, satellite television and telephone. Recently, 147 bungalows were renovated by it totally. Furthermore, there are also 3 restaurants, a grill, to pool bar, lobby bar (around the clock), 3 swimming pools, discos, of taxis, motorcycle and car rental, tourism office, money exchange bureau and international and national telephone service, stores, medical supply, safe, parking places.

Bungalowanlage Playa Giron

The fantastic seapool Caleta Buena is situated not far from the hotel complex Giron and invites to bathing and chilling at the beach. Snorkeling is a particular experience. 

Playa Giron Badebucht



For flights to Cuba, please search via a search engine in your country.  

We are pleased to book you a Domestic Flight:

Domestic Flight:


VALIDITY FROM 01.11.2015 to 31.10.2016



One way

Round Trip

from/to Havana

Cayo Largo (airport transfer included)



Cayo Coco



Cayo Santa Maria



from / to Varadero

Cayo Largo (airport transfer included)





One way

Round Trip

from/to Havana

Santiago de Cuba









Nueva Gerona












Las Tunas






(Please consider rebooking and cancellation conditions for domestic flights in the trade terms)
Prices are subject to currency fluctuations
In case of a booking the information of nationality, passport number and date of birth are required.
Depending on the route, customers receive electronic tickets or vouchers from Cuba4Travel that 
must be exchanged at Havanatur in Havana against tickets.
In any case, a reconfirmation of the charter domestic flights is required upon arrival in 
Children up to 2 years 90% discount (with no claim to occupy a seat, without free allowance). 
Children 2-11 years 25% discount.
Passengers must be 2 hours before departure at the airport

* on flight route without remark no land transfer is included
* the YQ tax may lead to changes by the airline
* bookings must be made by mail using the model with the following data:
1 Name of the tour operator
2 Name of the traveler
3 flight number
4 departure / arrival
5 Date and Time
6 Hotel for pick up at the departure
7 Hotel at the destination
8 passport number
9 other comments

* the hotel pick-up takes place two hours before departure
* the average flight time to the Cayos is 55 minutes
* the child discount is available under the respective airlines

* up to 30 days before the flight 10%
* 15-29 days before the flight 30%
* 14 - 7 days before the flight 60%
* 6-4 days before the flight 80%
* less than 3 days before the flight 100%


Our tip: It is worth to visit the Museo Giron (Museum about the invasion in the Bay of Pigs)!

Travel Request


Tauchen Playa Larga - Playa Giron

In this zone, diving is done from the shore (Offshore Diving). the submarine areas fully with and very attractive steep oceanic rock walls, that are closed to the coast. You find there very beautiful black corals,Gorgoniens and huge Spongs setting colorful caribic Corals.

There are 12 different diving areas to Bahía de Cochinos at the coast and in the Speläologieseewassersystem of Zapata, which at the pig bay, and along Caleta Buena lies. The average water temperatures run 28 - 29 degrees Celsius. Under water, you find outstanding visibilities as well as a plentiful flora and fauna. Diving can be done all year.

The diving centre in Playa Larga is situated next to the 3* bungalow installation Playa Larga in a seperate diving centre building.  

Tauchbasis Playa Giron

The Diving Center in Playa Girón is directly instalated in the Hotel Playa Girón and offers Offshore Diving of the coast, without boat . The diving areas are in near and protected areas. In the Diving Center, 5 very much experienced diving teachers and Dive guides working, who are well familiar with their activity and the region, since they have many years of diving experience here.
Diving can be done by each diver here, for very much experienced diver or beginners. The diving is done in 2 times daily: in the morning at 10.30 o'clock and in the afternoon at 14.30 o'clock.

Further information you can find at