Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days


Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s…

Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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 Other Destinations:


Maria la Gorda - The old Pirate Base

Diving trip Havana & Maria la Gorda

Maria La Gorda is located in the extreme west of Cuba in the large bay called ‘Bahia de Corriente’ in the 50,000 hectare national park on the Peninsula de Guanahacabibes. The huge biosphere reserve, which is located here, has also been under the protection of the UNESCO since 1987. Between November and March there are thousands of migratory birds with over 170 species listed. The wide bay, covered in mangroves, is a legendary place, as it was a meeting place for corsairs and pirates formerly. In the surrounding underwater world there are still remains of sunken galleons, anchors and cannons. The distance from Havana is approximately 320 km and can be reached in about 4 hours with our transfer bus.

The small ‘Villa Maria la Gorda’ hotel complex consists of spacious and simply furnished 2-story older stone buildings and newer wooden bungalows as well as new two-storied bungalows, each with 4 apartments, which are connected with the surrounding nature by wooden bridges. The resort is located directly on the beautiful white, 8 km long sandy beach of the peninsula.

Maria La Gorda is a place for nature lovers and divers who want to spend a holiday in nature without the rush of the large Hotels and the exhausting night life. At the entrance of the complex is the bar with a small souvenir shop, behind it, somehow more central, is the reception and the international postal and the telephone office, as well as a medical station, which is occupied around the clock.

Diving Maria la Gorda


Diving trip Havana & Maria la Gorda

Our diving program ‘Havana & Maria la Gorda’ combines 2 first-class diving programs in Cuba! The especially beautiful diving areas of Havana and the legendary diving areas in Maria la Gorda offer world-class diving areas with extraordinary diving spots and special experiences for every diver.

Excursions, small round trips and city tours

This Cuba diving program is loosened by our additional programs such as the grand city tour of Havana, excursions to Santa Clara with the Memorial of Che and to the colonial cities of central Cuba, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Sancti Spiritus. On our way to the western tip of Cuba in the National Park of the Guanahacabibes peninsula we visit the stunning landscape of Viñales in the province of Pinar del Rio.


The 2-day diving program in Havana offers diving spots with beautiful coral reefs and an anchor cemetery of colonial ships and famous wrecks. Dives are off-shore and with a small boat.

Cuba Diving

The 6-day diving program in Maria de la Gorda begins with the flight to the island including transfer to the hotel. Diving is conducted from a boat at the nearby coral reefs and the surrounding small islands. Day trips will also be organized to remote dive sites.

Diving Maria la Gorda

Day 1: Arrival in Havana
Day 2: Great city tour of Havana
Day 3: Diving in Havana - 2 dives
Day 4 - 5: Short 2-day trip in a Vintage classic car to the South coast. We will visit the colonial towns of Santa Clara, Cienfuegos and Trinidad.
Day 6: Diving in Havana - 2 dives
Day 7: Day tour in Viñales with accommodation in Vinales
Day 8: Transfer to the diving resort Maria la Gorda
Day 8 - 13: Diving in Maria de la Gorda – 10 dives
Day 14: Transfer from Maria la Gorda to Havana, accommdation in Havana
Day 15: Havana, departure.

Travel Details

Day 1: Arrival in Havana
Transfer: Airport Havana - Accommodation Havana. Dinner

Accommodation: Havana, casa particular/guesthouse B&B.

Incl.: Dinner.


Day 2: Havana

Breakfast. At 08:30 am you are picked up at your Casa Particular. Discussion about the day’s tour.
Sightseeing trip through the center of Havana. Every alley and almost every single house is lovely in the historic center Habana Vieja and you can find photo motifs and places to linger around en mas. We will take you on a walk through the historic city center La Habana Vieja, protected by the UNESCO. The city was founded in 1519 together with the first seven cities in Cuba. The city tour leads us to the Plaza de Armas, the Templete, the fort Real Force Castle, the palace San Francisco de Asis and the Cathedral Square with a visit of the cathedral in no particular order. You will also be able to have a short look at the original restored presidential carriage from 1910. On one of the rooftop decks we will enjoy a tropical refreshing drink while having an excellent view over the photogenic rooftops of Havana. Together we will take a stroll through the shopping streets Calle Obispo and Calle O’Reilly past the Hemingway Bar Bodeguita del Medio and then to the arts and crafts market. On the way we will take short breaks in the narrow alleys of the historic city and next to special buildings. We will look at colonial inner courtyards and learn a lot about the capital Havana and their stories.

All drinks are optional and at your own expense! Lunch will be at a local restaurant!

Capitol Havana

After lunch you can get to know Havana further in a vintage car. On your way you will visit the Cementerio Colon, the second-largest graveyard of Latin America. During a tour through the roughly 100.000 grave memorials, of which 90% are made of marble, you will hear about many stories about this museum-like graveyard. Then, we will have another stop at the place of the revolution, the revolution square with the freedom memorial, an obelisk in the late Art Deco style. This is the place where Fidel Castro held his famous speeches in front of the masses which changed world politics. As soon as it reopens, we can take the lift up to the observation deck located in the head of the obelisk. From here you have a fantastic view over the whole city. Then we drive on through different colorful parts of the city until we reach the finca of Ernest Hemingway which lies a little outside the city. We continue on to the village San Francisco de Paula, where Hemingway used to have soughing parties with many famous greats from the movie scene, the mafia and even politicians in the 50s. Hemingway acquired this manor, the ‘Finca la Vijia’, with his Nobel prize for literature. The former residence and its furniture survived the test of time really well and is nowadays the Hemingway Museum in Cuba. It can’t be entered but you can even see the writing instruments, many souvenirs brought back from various trips, as well as personal things from the life of the famous author through the open windows.

From there we continue on small roads and the city highway until we reach the fishing village Cojimar. This is the place where the great US American novelist and author Ernest Hemingway used to stay and listen to the tales his captain called Gregorio told him and then used those to write his nobel prize-winning novel ‘The Old Man and The Sea’. There will be a short stop at the Ernest Hemingway bar (drinks optional) and during a visit at the memorial located here you will learn many historic details about this famous man.

Classic Car Havana

Now we drive back along the Playas del Este, the eastern beaches of Havana and its seaside paradise where the natives who come here in Summer spend their holidays, all the way to the place Casablanca with its impressive statue of Christ. The wife of dictator Batista wanted to calm down the agitated and protesting people by ordering the erection of a replica of the statue of Christ of Rio on the elevated eastern bank of the seaport. It was not as big as the original but could be seen from all of central Havana. The place Casablanca is located opposite to the historic city center on the other bank of the port entrance. Here you have an unforgettable chance to take some pictures next to the Cristo de Habana. On the elevated deck next to the Cristo, you have a fantastic panorama view over the entire city center and the outskirts, the port entrance and a part of the harbor, the fort El Morro and the Malecon and also the seaside promenade of Havana. Here you can also clearly see why the city was built in this location and why Havana is the most important Pass-Through-Port for the gold of the new world. We underpass the port in a tunnel and drive along the Malecon into the city center of Vedado and then stop at the Hotel Nacional with its gorgeous park. From the 33rd floor of the Focsa and the highest building of the city, we can provide a breathtaking view over the skyline of Havana.

On a drive through the green lung of Havana with its many parks, we can show you the Miramar district in which 90% of the embassies are located. Most of them are situated in the countless beautiful mansions.

Here, we visit the famous artist Jose Fuster in his Mosaic-Street. He created a tribute to the Gaudí in Barcelona with his mosaic art. At the end of our tour we drive through the Sybone district, which is a suburb of Havana that is often compared to Beverly Hills. Afterwards we will reach your accommodation which is where the 5 – 6 hour long tour ends and also where you will be able to say that you experienced and got to know Havana for certain.
Note: The tour does not take place in a particular order and during Winter the program is subject to change due to the days being shorter.
Dinner will be at the accommodation or a Paladar.

Accommodation: Havana, casa particular/guesthouse B&B.

Incl.: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Tip for the evening: an independent evening walk along the Malecon (Promenade Havana).

Day 3: Havana - diving program

Pick up at 8:30 a.m. at your Casa Particular and drive to the diving base in Havana. Overview of the following dives. Briefing. Equipment check. Today, dive off-shore, 2 dives. A dive in the morning and a dive in the afternoon. Dinner in a paladar.

Accommodation: Havana, casa particular/guesthouse B&B.

Incl.: Breakfast, dinner.

Diving Havana

Day 4: Havana - Cienfuegos - Trinidad

Breakfast. At 08:30 am you are picked up at your Casa Particular.

You can be looking forward to a stroll through the beautiful colonial city Cienfuegos. The central square is the Park José Marti, with its ornamental bushes, iron lanterns and shadow-giving royal palms. The theatre ‘Tomás Terry’ was inaugurated in 1895 with the sounds of ‘Aida’. The magnificent building, which has a capacity of 920 visitors, captivates with its three-story balconies and lodges of hand-painted pine wood and carved mahogany-decorated interiors. Next to the Cultural Center (Casa de Bienes Culturales) you will see the Cathedral ‘La Purisima Concepción’. The Gotteshaus (the house of God) with its 12 mighty windows symbolize the 12 Apostles and was completed in 1870. Another highlight is the Palacio del Valle, which was built in the beginning of the 20th century and now houses the Museum of Decorative Arts.

Lunch in Cienfuegos.

palacio azul cienfuegos

Later in the afternoon we continue from the provincial capital of Cienfuegos to Trinidad de Cuba, one of the best-preserved colonial cities in America. Founded in 1514, the town was an important center of slave trade, the sugar industry and an influential cultural center. Short evening walk in the city center.

Accommodation: Trinidad, casa particular/guesthouse B&B.

Incl.: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Tip for the evening: Live Cuban music is played in several restaurants and bars in the city of Trinidad. It is a good would be to visit Casa de la Trova, where Cuban music is played by old and young bands and where Cuban and foreign visitors come to dance. (Optional)

Trinidad Musicians

Day 5: Trinidad - Santa Clara - Havana

Breakfast. Afterwards, we enjoy a tour in Trinidad through the labyrinth of red house roofs, historic manor houses, artistically designed balconies, doors, and window blinds. Here the time seems to have stopped. The city, with its old cobbled streets and venerable colonial buildings, is one of the world cultural heritage sites. You will visit the central square ‘Plaza Mayor’, surrounded by many historical buildings. In the church ‘Parroquial Mayor de la Santisima Trinidad’ stands a famous Christ figure made of wood and a mahogany altar. Lunch is served in a local restaurant.

Trinidad City

After lunch, we drive to the valley of sugar factories ‘Manaca Iznaga’.

Around 50 sugar factories made this zone one of the most prosperous of the island towards the end of the 18th century. Today, ruins and remains of some sugar factories can still be visited. There you can also see the ‘Manaca Iznaga Tower’, which was built 1816 to monitor the slaves at work from 45 meters high. Its bell announced the beginning and end of the working day.

Sugar Mill Valley Trinidad

After a panoramic ride through the Valle de los Ingenios, the journey goes back to Havana with a stop in Santa Clara.

In Santa Clara we visit the ‘Plaza de la Revolucion’ with the monument of Che Guevara. In the mausoleum, his remains, which were transferred along with those of his last comrades from the Bolivian jungle a few years ago, have found a final resting place. For the Cuban Revolution, this is now one of the sacred places. Santa Clara is known as ‘The City of Che’. The legendary guerrilla leader, Ernesto Che Guevara, joined the battle which accelerated the rebels triumph over the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista when he blew up the weapon-gazing train ‘Tren Blindado’ in 1958.

Accommodation: Havana, casa particular/guesthouse B&B.

Incl.: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 6: Havana - diving program

Pick up at 8:30 a.m. at your Casa Particular and drive to the diving base in Havana. Overview of the following dives. Briefing. Equipment Check. Today dive off-shore, 2 dives. A dive in the morning and a dive in the afternoon. Dinner in a paladar.

Accommodation: Havana, casa particular/guesthouse B&B.

Incl.: Breakfast, dinner.

Underwater Cuba

Day 7: Havana – Viñales

After breakfast, at about 08:30 a.m., you will leave for Pinar del Rio in the western part of Cuba, an area with a unique and fascinating landscape which is also the center of tobacco farming. The best tobacco in the world grows here. The province capital Pinar del Rio is characterized by the faded pink, green and blue whitewashed houses and brings peace to their visitors. Here you will visit the cigar factory ‘Francisco Donatén Vegueros’. Stopover at the farm ‘El Paraíso’, where you will get to know the kindness and hospitality of the farmers in Viñales.

Vinales Valley

The landscapes of Viñales Valley are of unique beauty. Here you will find more palm trees than anywhere else in Cuba. The scent of numerous tobacco plantations is in the air. Extensive, dense pine forests and mountains determine the character of this area. Lunch at a restaurant in the region. Panoramic drive through the beautiful tropical landscape of the Mogotes in Viñales Valley about 25km north of Pinar del Rio. Here you can admire the monumental rock painting ‘Mural de la Prehistoria’ and visit the cave ‘Cueva del Indio’ with its subterranean, milky-green waterways, where you can take a boat ride by the strange rock formations. At a stop at the viewpoint ‘Los Jazmines’ you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the beauty of Viñales Valley.


Accommodation: Vinales, casa particular/guesthouse B&B.

Incl.: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Tip for the evening: Live Cuban music is played in the center of the city of Viñales. An evening stroll through this picturesque place is recommended so you can enjoy the unique atmosphere.

Day 8: Viñales – Maria la Gorda

After breakfast, at about 08:30 a.m., you will leave for Maria la Gorda. On the route we drive through the Vuelta Abajo, the area of the world's best tobacco and by the kilometer-wide mangroves all the way to the west tip of Cuba. Before we reach the isolated dive resort, we pass beautiful secluded beaches and sea bays. A beautiful atmosphere and a wonderful underwater coral world attracts every diver, snorkeler and rest-seeking holidaymaker with its spell. The diving trips take you to colorful coral reefs with giant drop-offs and a beautiful underwater landscape with canyons. The underwater world here offers some the best dive sites of the Caribbean.

Accommodation: Hotel Maria la Gorda 3*, New Bungalows, Double Room.
Incl: Half board.

Diving Maria la Gorda

Day 9: Maria la Gorda

Breakfast. Diving trip with 2 dives.

Accommodation: Hotel Maria la Gorda 3*, New Bungalows, Double Room.

Incl: Half board.

Tip after diving: Walks on the beach with a magnificent sunset.

Diving from boat Maria la Gorda

Day 10: Maria la Gorda

Breakfast. Diving trip with 2 dives.

Accommodation: Hotel Maria la Gorda 3*, New Bungalows, Double Room.

Incl: Half board.

Tip after diving: Stay at the beach bar to watch the beautiful sunset.

Underwater Maria la Gorda

Day 11: Maria la Gorda

Breakfast. Diving trip with 2 dives.

Accommodation: Hotel Maria la Gorda 3*, New Bungalows, Double Room.

Incl: Half board.

Tip after diving: Opportunity to book excursions or rent a motorbike to visit the secluded beaches on site (Optional).

Underwater Maria la Gorda

Day 12: Maria la Gorda

Breakfast. Diving trip with 2 dives.

Accommodation: Hotel Maria la Gorda 3*, New Bungalows, Double Room.

Incl: Half board.

Tip after diving: Stay at the beach bar to watch the beautiful sunset.

Beach Maria la Gorda

Day 13: Maria la Gorda

Breakfast. Diving trip with 2 dives.

Accommodation: Hotel Maria la Gorda 3*, New Bungalows, Double Room.

Incl: Half board.

Tip after diving: Opportunity to book excursions or rent a motorbike to visit the secluded beaches on site (Optional).

Diving Maria la Gorda

Day 14: Maria la Gorda - Havana

Breakfast. Transfer: Maria la Gorda - Havana

Overnight stay in Havana.

Accommodation: Havana, casa particular/guesthouse B&B.
Incl.: Breakfast.

underwater maria la gorda

Day 15: Havana - Airport

Breakfast. Wander through Havana until your departure.

Transfer to the airport.

End of the trip


Diving Trip Havana & Maria la Gorda                                                  

Price per person in a double room: 2043,00 EURO (for 2 persons)

Start: Daily, depending on bookings, guaranteed departure with a minimum of 1 participant (price for 1 participant on request)

Single supplement: 250,00 EUR

Included in the price:

  • 15 day/14 nights-tour starting in Havana
  • Welcoming service at the airport and transport to the accommodation
  • City tour through Havana with qualified English speaking guide
  • 2-day tour through central Cuba with qualified English speaking guide
  • Day trip Viñales/western Cuba with qualified English speaking guide
  • 4 dives in Havana, land and boat dive
  • 10 dives Maria la Gorda with a dive boat
  • Bottle, air, weights diving master
  • 6 nights in Havana (Private Guesthouse) B&B
  • 1 night in Trinidad (Private Guesthouse) B&B
  • 1 night in Vinales (Private Guesthouse) B&B
  • 6 night in Hotel Maria la Gorda, Half Board
  • Transfers by land and by ship
  • Meals as indicated in the program
  • Drinks are optional and not included in all meals
  • Excursions and visits as indicated in the program
  • Travel security deposit

Not included in the price are:

  • Airport transfers on other days than the ones shown in the program
  • Accommodation other than the ones shown in the round trip program
  • Supplements of any kind
  • Dive Equipment
  • Costs of services outside the program offered
  • Optional excursions, excursions and services
  • Tips
  • Drinks in the paladares, casas, restaurants or other places
  • Tourist Tax Cuba and Handling Fee (30 EUR p.p.)
  • Tourist card for entry to Cuba (25 EUR p.p.)
  • Airport tax for departure (charged by the airline upon ticket purchase)

Grand Wreck Dive Tour with 5 dives to different wrecks

Price per Person:

With 2 people: 415 EURO

With 3 people: 315 EURO

With 4 people: 275 EURO

With 5 people: 250 EURO

All prices for the Grand Wreck Diving-tour come with transfers from hotel Copacabana.

There are also other diving centers in Havana:

Diving base ‘Marina Hemingway’
Diving base ‘Marina Tarara’


Accommodation Maria la Gorda

There are 3 different types of bungalows in Maria La Gorda: 5 older but newly renovated double-storied stone bungalows on the beach with 37 rooms, 15 wooden bungalows with double and quadruple rooms in a mangrove ambiance with a total of 42 rooms and 11 newly constructed two-story bungalows with 8 accommodation units, with a total of 44 rooms. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, bath/WC, TV and minibar. The bungalows have different price categories depending on the location and furnishings.

bungalows maria la gorda

A leisure room with billiards, a travel agency and car and motorbike rental complete the number of small services here. A small restaurant and a bar are located right by the sea while the main restaurant is next to the newly constructed bungalows. In both of them, guests are invited to enjoy a meal with simple, tasty dishes.

For charter yachts, water and diesel/fuel can be bunkered in the small port.

Beach Maria la Gorda

Diving Site

Diving in Havana

Experience Cuban nights in Havana – dive in Havana and bathe at the beaches of Playa del Este. This is the ideal holiday experience for many holidaymakers who love the ‘extraordinary’ and can be completely enchanted by this versatile ambience. Around Havana's coast there are a great number of very nice diving opportunities, which we have specifically selected for you and we would like to invite our diving guests to participate in our diving programs.

The diving area around Havana has a coast length of almost 100km and is a very interesting area for diving with a 3km long strip with countless coral reefs. Wreck enthusiasts are particularly welcome here, as these reefs include one of the most active and historic navigation routes in the Caribbean around Cuba which is centuries old.

The diving program in Havana offers beautiful coral reefs, steep walls, an anchor cemetery of colonial ships and famous wrecks. Diving takes place from the land and with a small dive boat.

Diving Havana

Diving in Maria la Gorda

The diving area of Maria la Gorda reveals an intact underwater world, one of the most interesting dive sites of the Caribbean, unique underwater landscapes with interesting caves and labyrinths, mysterious shipwrecks and a wide variety of coral formations. Located in one of the largest coral reefs of the world, Maria la Gorda invites you to a splendid diving adventure. Get acquainted with all the crustaceans, mollusks and tropical fish living in the western waters of Cuba, as well as with adventurous encounters between barracudas, sometimes also sharks, stingrays and big morays. Among the diving areas of Cuba, Maria La Gorda and its diving sites are some of the best.

underwater maria la gorda

Excursions: From here you can enjoy different land excursions to isolated beaches by renting a motorbike or you can rent a car to drive to the heart of Pinar del Rio and its famous tobacco plantations or the beautiful and picturesque Viñales Valley, where tobacco plantations and Mogotes represent a unique scenario.
diving base maria la gorda

Diving: The fully equipped diving base awaits the beginners as well as advanced divers with 10/12 Ltr. (INT/DIN) diving bottles, sufficient diving equipment that can be rented, 2 large K15 Bauer compressors and spacious dive boats with emergency equipment and radio. The nearby dive sites with a great underwater world can be reached with the diving boats, directly from the hotel in 5 minutes to 1 hour. Night dives and day boat tours can be booked on site. Daily boat dives are usually carried out in the morning and afternoon and on request you can go for 1-2 night dives per week. Medical care is provided around the clock. In case of emergency, the naval clinic in Havana, with a large decompression chamber, will be reached by helicopter.

diving base maria la gorda

The diving areas are in crystal clear waters with a total of approximately 50 dive spots with depths between 5 and 46m. These can be reached with the spacious diving boats. Outstanding dive sites are the cave of La Sala de Maria, which is around 20m deep and the Valley of Black Corals with a 30m large coral reef. The ‘Ancla del Piratea’ at 15m depth is a special attraction and recommended for diving beginners.

Diving Base Maria la Gorda

The diving center is managed by the Cuban company Gaviota where well-trained, professional staff is at the disposal of their divers.

Rental equipment: Diving vests, breathing valves and ABC equipment can be rented at acceptable prices. A reservation for the diving equipment must be made at the time of booking, by indicating the needed sizes.

Diving course: The diving training is done according to ACUC and SSI guidelines. Maria La Gorda is particularly recommended for an open water course due to its water structures. But because of the high demand, the course registration should always be made early. The spoken languages are English and Spanish.

Diving sites: Along the peninsula of Guanahacabibes, at the extreme end of the Canarreos archipelago, the second longest in the world, you’ll find fantastic dive sites that are among the most beautiful in Cuba. The currently 50 dive sites are mainly located on the outer reef, which drops to about 2500 meters. The visibility is often more than 40 meters. Here you can find large groupers of great size, as well as moray eels, angelfish, parrot fish and also isolated reef sharks. Even whale sharks have been spotted here. There are hardly any currents which also makes this an ideal diving area for beginners.

Parrot Fish Maria la Gorda

Diving: The dives are usually carried out in the morning and afternoon, and weekly there are 1-2 night dives (optional). The advantage of the Maria la Gorda complex is that the dive sites can be reached in only a few minutes by boat. The diving season is all year-round with visibility from 20m to 40m and water temperatures between 24°-30°C.

Diving maria la gorda

Famous Dive sites:

El jardin de las Gorgonias: This is a dive site for beginners and also for experienced divers. Between 6m and 15m, on a steep wall covered in sponges and colorful corals, you can observe fish while eating here.

El Encanto: A spot for experienced divers, with a spectacular tunnel entrance to 28 meters which has its exit on a wall at 33 meters.

Las Cuevas de Pedro: For experienced divers. A canon at 25 to 30 meters depth in which you can find many tunnels and labyrinths on double coral walls.

Corals maria la gorda

El Paraiso Perdido: For experienced divers. A wall of 20 to 30 meters. Here you can find most of the largest and rarest fish in the diving grounds of Maria La Gorda.

El Laberinto: A dive site for everyone. Impressive short tunnels on a wall which falls from 9 to 17 meters deep. An ideal place for night dives.

Diving Maria la Gorda


Excursion tips: Please remember to bring solid footwear and appropriate weather clothing and always take enough drinks/ water with you on all of the trips. Do not forget the bathing suits.

Note: Changes in the program and accommodation are reserved. Excursions, guided tours and program sequences don’t have a regular schedule. The itinerary of the program sequences and day tours are determined by the guide. In the winter months, due to the short days, changes are often made in the schedule.

General information and program changes: Please note that sights, touristic attractions, dining facilities etc. can close last-minute and without prior notice. In such cases, within possibilities, an alternative of equal value will be looked for on the spot.

Non-divers: Can join the diving trip only in exchange for a fee if there is sufficient space on the boat and only accompanied by a diving partner. The snorkeling and bathing are done from boat.

Travel Request