Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days


Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s…

Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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Individual Spanish Course in Havana

Spanish Course in Havana: Learn one of the oldest and most common used languages in an extremely charming country like Cuba.

This perfect Cuba educational- and language trip is combinable as a travel module with one of our Cuba trips bathing and culture!...


Individual Spanish Language Course in Havana

"That was the best individual Spanish Course, we would have never dared to dream of and additional in such a fantastic country like Cuba..." these are the words participants often say at the end-of-language-course party! 

But we should start in the beginning: You have decided to book a language course during your holidays - probably with the certainty, that you don´t wanna have a boring school lesson. But an agile, easy and funny Spanish-Workshop, which makes your Havana-Stay to a real enjoyment. Our very friendly and dedicated Spanish teachers will initiate you in the magic of the Spanish language. 

Travel Details

Our individual-intensive-Spanish Courses are the most intensive and fastest way of learning the Spanish language in its basics. Especially because the lessons are supervised very intensively and are attuned directly to the requirements and skills of each participant. 
Together with your native-language Spanish teacher you will work out the konjugation of important verbs, the alphabet, daily forms of use, how to say thank you, questions, numbers from 0 to 1000, the most important grammatical tenses as well as the realization into practice. The free and easy conversation between teacher and students builds without difficulty an individual vocabulary. Learning Spanish and use it at the same day in the Habanero world, that´s the way, how fun is. 

Best you meet your Spanish teacher in a surrounding, where studying is comfortable for you, e.g. in one of our private guest houses. First you get the theoretical background, afterwards you will go for lunch with your teacher and in the afternoon you will go on discovery to Old-Havana with your new skills. Whether cultural or sporty, while shopping, at a restaurant or at the university of Havana...everywhere you can immediately use the Spanish language and are taken up with it. You ask locals for the way, go on to the Malecon or to the next museum and soon you can ask for your own interests...

It´s the aim of our language course to discover the magic and the music of the language, to absorb it with joy and apply the new language skills directly. The way of teaching is very close to reality. 

Structure of the Spanish Course:

The Spanish Basic Course consists of 6 modules: 

1. Module (Get-Together):
- Salutation and introduction (Questions- and answers)
- How are you?...
- What do you do?...
- The Spanish alphabet
- Numbers from 0 to 20
- How to say "Thank you"
- Questions: "What? Who? Why? Wherefrom? 
- The Konjugation of the verbs: to be, to live, to be called, work, walk...

2. Module (How do I get to the Malecon?)
- Where can I find...?
- How to address someone?
- to thank
- Ask for the way?
- Way- and Residentialdescription
- Appliance of the verb "have" , Adjektives, definite and undefinite article, the imperative of several verbs
- Ask for the time
- Numbers from 20 to 100
- Read the city map and thereby get to know the sights of Havana 

Module 1 and 2 will take place at day 1 (8 hours plus 1 extra hour practice)

Practice: Excursion to the university and to the Malecon of Havana

3. Module (A la Cubana):
- How to go shopping?
- How much is...?
- Weights and measures
- How to order in a restaurant?
- How to express like and unlike?
- Konjugation of the verbs like and enjoy, imperative, pronoun, prices, Cuban currency, times of day, verbs to go, to bring, to taste....
Practice: Special visitation of a restaurant with studies and transcription of the Cuban menu and composition of the dishes. 
Shopping and haggling at a Cuban market. Visitation of a supermarket. 

4. Module (What to bring my friends?)
- What do you like? Description of wishes
- What kind of material? 
- How do I appreciate presents?
- How to express appreciation?
- Talk about others (Description of people) 
- Adverbs „too, a little bit, very, much, not yet and yet" 
- Possessive pronoun, dative of possessive, preposition por and para (for)
- Superlative and Komparative
Practice: Special visitation of the crafts- and art market with shopping for presents. 

5. Module (How time goes by!)
- Which day is today?
- Hod do you like your accomodation?
- How is the weather today?
- Let´s meet today...!
- How to express habits?
- Reflexive Verbs, Perfect und Imperfekt
- Adverbs before, after, now, later...
- Present and Future
Practice: Visitation of a Cuban family with conversation in their house and private lunch.

6. Module (Let´s go into the city – vamos a andar La Habana):
- What do you do in your leisure time?
- What do you do later/tomorrow?
- Should we undertake something? 
- Infinitive and future of "go" 
- Months and seasons
- Repetition of knowledge of all 6 modules
- Workout with the famous Habanero-song: Vamos a andar La Habana
Practice: As a final event of the course, you will do an excursion together with the teacher to the old city centre of Havana (Recorrido por La Habana Vieja) including end-of-course party with music. 

At the end of the course every participant will get if desired a certificate.

We are looking forward to welcome you soon to our Spanish Course in Havana – Vamos a la Habana.

Muchos Saludos

Your language-school-team 


5 days intensive Spanish Course 

This perfect Cuba educational- and language trip is combinable as a travel module with one of our Cuba trips bathing and culture!

Services Spanish Course: Duration of the Spanish-Workshop is 5 days with 4 hours of theory each day. 

Number of participants: Minimum 1 person up to a small group


Price per person: 

Costs for the Spanish Course in Havana: 23 EUR per hour and per participant. (per Theory and Practice unit)

Module 6/ day 5: The practice tour through Havana Old Town by foot costs 35,-€ per person (approximately 3 hours) 

Handling fee: 25,- € per person

All other costs, like training material, drinks, meals in restaurants, excursions, taxis, transfers, fees for museums, music places, historical buildings are extra charged. 


The language course can be combined with all our other programs, like dancing course, bathing holidays, roundtrip, diving- or active travel and every other module. Please also see our Language Trip!!


We are pleased to book a nice hotel for you. Besides, we offer this trip also with private accomodation. Please contact us for more information - we try to fulfill almost every dream.


For flights to Cuba please search via a search engine in your country.  

We are pleased to book you a domestic flight. 

Domestic Flight:


VALIDITY FROM 01.11.2015 to 31.10.2016



One way

Round Trip

from/to Havana

Cayo Largo (airport transfer included)



Cayo Coco



Cayo Santa Maria



from / to Varadero

Cayo Largo (airport transfer included)





One way

Round Trip

from/to Havana

Santiago de Cuba









Nueva Gerona












Las Tunas






(Please consider rebooking and cancellation conditions for domestic flights in the trade terms)
Prices are subject to currency fluctuations
In case of a booking the information of nationality, passport number and date of birth are required.
Depending on the route, customers receive electronic tickets or vouchers from Cuba4Travel that 
must be exchanged at Havanatur in Havana against tickets.
In any case, a reconfirmation of the charter domestic flights is required upon arrival in 
Children up to 2 years 90% discount (with no claim to occupy a seat, without free allowance). 
Children 2-11 years 25% discount.
Passengers must be 2 hours before departure at the airport

* on flight route without remark no land transfer is included
* the YQ tax may lead to changes by the airline
* bookings must be made by mail using the model with the following data:
1 Name of the tour operator
2 Name of the traveler
3 flight number
4 departure / arrival
5 Date and Time
6 Hotel for pick up at the departure
7 Hotel at the destination
8 passport number
9 other comments

* the hotel pick-up takes place two hours before departure
* the average flight time to the Cayos is 55 minutes
* the child discount is available under the respective airlines

* up to 30 days before the flight 10%
* 15-29 days before the flight 30%
* 14 - 7 days before the flight 60%
* 6-4 days before the flight 80%
* less than 3 days before the flight 100%


Our Tip:

- Please bring good footwear for trips and swimwear for the beach.

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There is the possibility to go diving during or in connection with your trip. Please let us know in advance, if you would like to go snorkeling or diving and we will be pleased to assist you in finding the right choice.

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