Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days


Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s…

Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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Drive Cuba West & Central

With the rental car through Cuba - 7 days, ca. 1200 km, from west to south! 

7-day rental car tour through Western and Central Cuba...


MWRDCW7 "Drive Cuba West and Central" (tour proposal)
This Drive Cuba Program concentrates its journey on the western provinces (Havana- Pinar del Rio-South Coast), its itinerary is of approximately 1200 kilometres. You will travel for one week to know the western part of the Island Cuba, visiting the main places and tourist attractiveness. All our Drive Cuba programs are only tour proposals. You can create your tour according to your own wishes and needs.
Drive Cuba is a package and includes car without limit of kilometres and accommodation in nice private houses.


Travel Details

 Arrival and night in Havana before Drive Cuba starts

On the day before the beginning of your hired car tour you should already be in Havana.

If you arrive the day before to your Drive Cuba tour to Cuba, we welcome you with pleasure at the airport of Havana or Varadero, book for you a lodging in Havana and bring you with transfer to there. Please let know us know in advance if we should book this for you additional to your Drive Cuba package.

In the first evening in Havana you should already take over your hired car with us!

After you should also acclimatise a little, take a small town stroll and rest from the flight.

1. Day: Takeover of the hired car and stay in Havana
For your first Havana stay you will get many tips to Havana and Cuba from us. We will inform you about places of interest and what you should explore. In the Old Town of Havana are most places of interest, the harbour of Havana, the Malecon and many craft markets are exploreable on foot. In the evening we recommend you a visit of the world-famous cabaret Tropicana (Bookable with us), or go to a Salsa Disco or visit the Cafe Habana.

Before the Drive Cuba West tour beginning (maybe already in the eve or today in the morning) you should do your shopping for the way.

Prestay: If you are long since on Cuba and want to start the tour programme in Havana, you should take over with us the hired car in the eve of your tour around approx. 18:00h. This eve takeover is in the tour price included!

Takeover rent car in Havana: By the hired car takeover you pay the insurance and provide the hired car security by means of credit card. We will stand aside and give you further tips and information about your voyage. Also you will get a good street map of Cuba from us (12 euros) and all travel documents needed.

Overnight stay in Casa Particular (private lodging) B/B in Havana

2. Drive Cuba Day: (Havana / Pinar del Rio / Vinales – approx. 210 km)
After breakfast do mabe your travel shopping and hit off in the province of Pinar del Rio in the west Cuba's. The world the best known place for the cultivation of tobacco. Drive the highway A4 till the provincial centre Pinar del Rio. The rum and tobacco museum is worth seeing there. After a small town inspection it further goes to the place Vinales. Make on the way a small excursion at the view platform of the hotel Las Jasmines and enjoy the wonderful view there.
This special place lies in the heart of the Rosario mountains with the biosphere reserve to which was declared by UNESCO to be protected. Here you will find a huge natural landscape with the prototype of the Cuban tropical Mogotes – elevations with level peaks. See also places like "Palenque de los Cimorrones" (sanctuary of the fled slaves), the big cave of Santo Tomás, the thermal springs of San Vincente and the gigantic prehistoric wall picture on a Mogote. There you should visit anyway the excellent wall with prehistoric painting imitations.

Overnight stay in Casa Particular (private lodging) B/B in Viñales. 

3. Drive Cuba Day: (Viñales / Las Terrazas / Soroa – approx. 120 km)
After the breakfast you should visit the Indian's cave “Cueva del Indio” and do a trip by boat on a flowing river through the cave. Your trip leads you then further by the runners of the Vinales valley. Everywhere you find wide tobacco fields and farms which you should visit. Besides, they get to know the cultivation, processing the production of the best tobacco of the world. After Vinales and over La Palma it goes first direction San Diego de los Banos. Approx. 20 km before San Diego you make an excursion in the famous cave „Cueva de Portales“ in which Che Guevara kept itself with his faithful long time hidden during the revolution.
From San Diego it goes on the Carretera Central to San Christobal and Candelara in the nature reserve Soroa. Here an excursion to the nature reserve Soroa is recommended. This place is known for his wonderful waterfalls (up to 21 m high) and the biggest orchid garden on Cuba with more than 700 species. Tip: take a refreshing bath in the natural washbasins in the nearby river San Juan. Visit afterwards Las Terrazas and the hotel of Moka for a drink.

Overnight stay in Casa Particular (private lodging) B/B in Soroa. 

4. Drive Cuba Day: (Soroa / Havana / Jibacoa / Matanzas / Varadero-approx. 230 km)
Bath day: After your excursion to the tropical mountains the trip leads first from your accommodation back on the highway to Havana. Visit after 15 km near by Cajyajabos the ruins of a French coffee plantation of the 19Th of century. On the high way A4 it goes in to Havana and along the Malecon, by the harbour tunnel through out on the Carretera del Norte to the north beaches Playas del Este and 60 km further to the marvellous beach Playa Jibacoa where a bath is to be recommended very much. To a marvellous beach seashore lain by the bustle with a turquoise-blue sea.
After your Gusto you should make from the coast road also some excursions to the coastal villages and other Playas on the stretch. From the Playa Jibacoa you drive first to Matanzas, and from there to the famous bathing resort Varadero. Because Varadero also has very nice beaches you should have a look at the famous peninsula and have a bath there. The interesting port of Matanzas will offer you some places of interest on your way.

Overnight stay in Casa Particular (private lodging) B/B in Matanzas or Varadero 

5. Drive Cuba Day: (Matanzas/Varadero / Colon / Santa Clara / approx. 185 km)
At the present day it goes from Varadero via Cardenas in the direction of east on the Carretera Central further over Colon and Santo Domingo in the town of the Ché! The provincial centre Santa Clara of the province Villa Clara, is known as the town of Che. The legendary guerrilla warfare leader Ernesto Che Guevara supplied there the battle which accelerated the victory of the rebel's leader over the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista. There his skeletons also rest together with those his fight fallen companions in Bolivia. No way passes the museum of the best known hero Cuba's Che Guevara.
Moreover the province Villa Clara offers the possibility to get to know the architectural inheritance and the population traditions of the city of San Jose de Remedios. The pineapple, the queen of the fruits, is the sign of this province in the central east of the island. On the mainly level territory lakes richly exist. Here the traditional forms of expression of the music and the dance of the Cuban rural population are maintained especially keenly.

Overnight stay in Casa Particular (private lodging) B/B in Santa Clara. 

6. Drive Cuba Day: (Santa Clara / Sancti spirit / Trinidad – approx. 160 km)
From the town of Che it goes first to the historical provincial centre Sancti Spiritus on the way to the colonial museum town of Trinidad. Visit before the historical city centre of Sancti Spiritus with the medieval church, famous places and the colonial museum.
Drive on the stretch to Trinidad before off to a journey in to the Valle de Ingenios and to the historical tower Manacas-Iznaga. Close are the mountains of "Topes de Collantes" with wonderful views of the heights. Sancti Spiritus and Trinidad (villa de la Santisima Trinidad de Cuba), both have been declared by UNESCO to the world cultural heritage of the humanity. Trinidad has a medieval touch with arched bridges. This unique town enchants not only by many places of interest, museums, timeless medieval places, very well-preserved buildings with neoclassic and baroque influence. But also by the nearness of the sea and the mountains. You will be very inspired here!
Our tip: go of afternoon to bathe to the beach Playa Ancon and explore the Peninsula of the same name with their small Cuban beach bars. Early in the evening you go again to an evening stroll to Trinidad and raise the sundown on the marketplace stairs with a Cuba Libre and Cuban live music. This is to be enjoyed here especially and romantically. If you like it more on the beach to stay, here the sundown is also to be recommended in one of the small Cuban beach bars. However.

Overnight stay in Casa Particular (private lodging) B/B in Trinidad. 

7. Drive Cuba Day: (Trinidad / Cienfuegos / Havanna approx. 350 km)
From Trinidad you drive down on the coast and take time for some bathing on the beaches Playa Inglés and Guajimico. The surroundings of the province Cienfuegos offer to the visitor not only Guajimico, but also the natural charm of the close mountain massif of the Escambray and the medical mineral springs of the close baths of Ciego Montero. With La Sierrita it goes to the marvellous waterfalls of "El Nicho".
Cienfuegos – called "The pearl of the south", takes pleasure to an architecture of the late neo-classicist style. The provincial centre Cienfuegos offers some of the most famous places of interest of Cuba. The 100-year-old theatre "Tomas Terry", the new-colonial city centre, the villa "Palacio del Valle", the cemetery to mention only some interesting places. After a town stroll during the day you should go in the evening to the salsa disco named "Benny Morey" according to one of the most famous singer of Cuba.

From Cienfuegos you go back to Havana and take off there the rent car again.

End of tour

To your whole trip we will still give you a lot of tips and information!
In the price of the performances of the Drive Cuba hired car programme, are included for 2 persons the auto rent and the overnight stays with breakfast. All the other costs for additional fellow-passengers and to the travel proposals and other travel achievements are not included.

Of course you can form your itinerary also by your travel wishes or extend the respective overnight stays after your Gusto.
Assemble your dream route with us!


MWRDCW Drive Cuba West and Central                                                             

Price of 1 person with 1 hired car: from 579.00 euros

Minimum of 2 people. 

In the price included:

- Car takeover in the evening

- 6 overnight stays in the double room with breakfast for 2 people - private lodging

- Car of the category Medio, 4 doors, air-conditioning, Freely of kilometre, capacity for 4 people, higher auto-categories, minivans and VAN's with extra charge and on inquiry.

- Lodging list of addresses

- Travel documents to your whole tour

In the price are not enclosed:

- Flight to Cuba

- Achievements (Performances) on the arrival day on Cuba, or before drive Cuba travel beginning.

- Crossing the border tax (at the moment p. P. 25 EUR) becomes with your flight ticket directly included.

- Additional overnight stays beyond the basic programme.

- Hotel overnight stays

- Insurance of the car (from 15 CUC) per day, Payable with credit card with car takeover.

- Hired car guarantee (after autotype 200-250 CUC) by credit card.

- Fuel (Full tank is taken over and will be charged, return with empty tank!)

- Return fee of the hired car.

- Car takeover / return at the airport (charge 20 CUC)

- Additional airport transfer

- Lunch and suppers, drinks, tips and extras.

- Optional achievements. Entrance fees for museums and music sites

- Inspection tours and other prices.

- Detailed Cuba road map on inquiry available (12 EUR)

- Other achievements which are not enclosed in the contained travel achievements.

All information and conditions of our rental car partner you can find here



Drive Cuba package: Of course you can extend your itinerary also with us after your travel wish shapes or the respective overnight stays after your Gusto. Assemble your dream route with us!

Lodging: All lodgings on your route are nice private lodgings and firmly for you reserved.

Hotel lodgings: If requested hotels can be booked in the towns. Inform us of your wishes with pleasure. Children of from 0 to 12 years have a free accommodation, whenever the child divides the room with 2 adults. The rooms are maximum only for 2 adults and a child in the programme.

Car takeover: You take over the hired car in Havana in the Rent a Car office and do with our employees all formalities of your drive Cuba Car and to the tour programme.
If requested you can take over your car also at the airport.

Important:The car has to go there will return as it was agreed in the hire(lease) contract.

Attention: If you liked to return the car at a place or wanted to have brought where no main office of our Rent a Car of the drive Cuba programme exists, supply and drop off cost on extra charge.

Other achievements 
By the handing over the rent car you will get also the following:

- Voucher for lodgings

- Road map of Cuba ( with charge of 12 euro)

- Description with Addresses of the lodgings

- Travel protection document

Other costs:

- Tourist map to the entry to Cuba: 25 euro per person

- Tourism Tax Cuba + Handling fee: 40 euro per person

- Travel resignation assurance: from 45 euro per person

- Town guidance Havana: 45 euro per person

- Airport tax for Cuba: 25 euro, is charged by ticket purchase.

- Reservation fee without other travel achievements (2 week packages is 15 euro)

- Cuban currency: CUC corresponds to the USD.

Tip: Take euro from home and change at the airport shortly after the passport check already something into CUC. Therefore you are armed first for small expenses and shopping. With a credit card you can contrast daily in the whole country in exchange offices money

About the Car Rental

The travel Agency works with the main rental companies of Cuba:

Cubacar - Rex - Havanautos - Rent Car Via


The suggestions and conditions of the cars are settled down by the rental companies. All informations we give there are of information character related next to be given from the rent a car company. Cuba4Travel doesn't take the responsibility with the changes or modifications that, without previous notice, introduce the rental companies. The final information is given when signing the contract of the vehicle directly at the rental office.

Main Suggestions and Conditions settled down by the rental companies:

1. to read all the clauses of the contract of the car rental attentively.
2. to demand the revision of the car and their accessories when receiving and droping off the vehicle.
3. he/she doesn't give the key from the car to another person.
4. it is not admitted the use of the car for personal unauthorized in the contract.
5. do not drive under the effects of alcohol . Protect your life and the other´s.
6. it is recommended not to travel at night. Be careful because in the rural areas can be animals in the roads.
7. he/she must be careful with the cyclists on the roads. Protect them.
8. keep the car in safe and illuminated places.
9. he/she doesn't leave belongings of value in the car when they are outside of it.
10.only acquire the necessary fuel in the servicentros (gas stations) CUPET and Oro Negro. not exceed the quantity of passengers settled down for the car. not drivee when sleepy.
13.we recommend the use of the seat belt, it is obligatory.

Cuba4Travel won't make refunds to the clients for concepts of hired services not used in its entirety, neither for the loss of the documents for the lodging and for the rent of the car.


All accommodations like written in the program and will be in private houses (Casa Particulares)


For flights to Cuba please search via a search engine in your country.

We are pleased to book you a domestic flight. 

Domestic Flight:


VALIDITY FROM 01.11.2015 to 31.10.2016



One way

Round Trip

from/to Havana

Cayo Largo (airport transfer included)



Cayo Coco



Cayo Santa Maria



from / to Varadero

Cayo Largo (airport transfer included)





One way

Round Trip

from/to Havana

Santiago de Cuba









Nueva Gerona












Las Tunas






(Please consider rebooking and cancellation conditions for domestic flights in the trade terms)
Prices are subject to currency fluctuations
In case of a booking the information of nationality, passport number and date of birth are required.
Depending on the route, customers receive electronic tickets or vouchers from Cuba4Travel that 
must be exchanged at Havanatur in Havana against tickets.
In any case, a reconfirmation of the charter domestic flights is required upon arrival in Cuba.
Children up to 2 years 90% discount (with no claim to occupy a seat, without free allowance). 
Children 2-11 years 25% discount.
Passengers must be 2 hours before departure at the airport

* on flight route without remark no land transfer is included
* the YQ tax may lead to changes by the airline
* bookings must be made by mail using the model with the following data:
1 Name of the tour operator
2 Name of the traveler
3 flight number
4 departure / arrival
5 Date and Time
6 Hotel for pick up at the departure
7 Hotel at the destination
8 passport number
9 other comments

* the hotel pick-up takes place two hours before departure
* the average flight time to the Cayos is 55 minutes
* the child discount is available under the respective airlines

* up to 30 days before the flight 10%
* 15-29 days before the flight 30%
* 14 - 7 days before the flight 60%
* 6-4 days before the flight 80%
* less than 3 days before the flight 100%


Our Tips:

-Don´t leave valuables, phones, laptops, cameras etc. in the car. 

-Please bring good footwear for trips and swimwear for the beach.

Travel Request


There is the possibility to go diving in connection with your trip. Please let us know in advance, if you would like to go snorkeling or diving and we will be pleased to assist you in finding the right choice.

Further information you can find at