Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days


Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s…

Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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Cuba Jeep & Kayak Adventure

Jeep & Kayak Adventure: Cuba is made for adventure holidays - come and experience! 

Discover Cuba from a wonderful perspective...


Jeep & Kayak Adventure - 8 days                                                  

This tour will enrich you with a variety of very impressive and unforgettable experiences. Our Jeep & Kayak tour will not only lead you through some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Caribbean island Cuba but it also lets you look at them from a completely unique perspective.

Experience culture and nature actively and come with us on an especially pretty trip through the central part of Cuba. Discover places with historic pasts and get to learn about the lively Cuban people with insights into the Cuban rural life. On this Jeep & Kayak tour an interesting mix of Caribbean island-flair and sublime natural landscapes await you.

jeep & kayak Cuba

Travel Details

Course of the Trip:

We recommend you setting your date of arrival to be one day before the start of the trip since the flights mostly only arrive in the afternoon or the evening. The overnight stay from Thursday to Friday is not included in the travel price.

Day 1: Arrival on Friday

-Arrival in Havana, Varadero, Santa Clara or Cienfuegos International Airport. Welcome to Cuba!
-Meeting with our driver/guide at the airport, or in case you are already in Cuba, we will pick you up from the agreed upon place.
-Information exchange.
-Private transfer to Cienfuegos City by Jeep.
-Cienfuegos City, also called the ‘Pearl of the South‘. French emigrants from Bordeaux and Louisiana founded the colony of the ‘Fernandina de Jagua’ around a tranquil bay on the 22nd of April 1819. In the year 1830, when it was regarded like a city already, it adopted the name Cienfuegos in honor of the general governor of Cuba, Don José Cienfuegos. Fifty years later it officially obtained city privilege and earned the epithet ‘Pearl of the South’ due to its beauty. Near the end of the 19th century, the blooming city became one of the most important ones in Cuba. Because of its splendor it is regarded as a Cuban jewel of architecture of the 19th century. Cienfuegos distinguishes itself through the perfect street order, the refinement and the pretty style of the structures in the historic city center (national memorial). The center holds some of the most posh buildings: The house of the founder, the cathedral Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción, the Tomás Ferry theater, the Ferrer-Palace as well as the José-Martí-Park, where the only triumphal arc in all of Cuba is located. You will love this city which was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2005.
-Check in the private accommodation in Cienfuegos. Spare time to arrive and relax.
-Welcome-dinner at the private restaurant El Caribeño.
-Free evening.

Accommodation: Private house in Cienfuegos
Food: Dinner


Day 2: Saturday

-After breakfast we embark on a discovery tour inot the magnificent natural park El Nicho. That’s a place that can be compared to a natural miracle with dozens of waterfalls and natural ponds with refreshing crystal clear water, gorgeous flora and protected fauna embedded in an almost untouched area hidden between the mountains of the Guamuhaya mountain range with breathtaking views. Without a doubt one of the most amazing places in all of Cuba.
-Hike: ‘Sendero Reino de las Aguas‘. A breathtaking hike! Indulge in the beautiful vegetation, dreamlike waterfalls and natural ponds. Don’t forget your bathing suits!
-Lunch at the restaurant Los Helechos. (Menu incl. 1 drink)
-After lunch you will depart towards the Lago Hanabanilla, the magnificent but only mountain lake in the country. The lake has 3 river outfalls: Río Negro, Hanabanilla and Guanayara. It is located 264 meters above sea level and has an approximate size of 15 square kilometers. This place is truly magical!

-We lift our kayaks off the stocks and paddle across the lake, with steep mountains towering above its bank, towards the south. We will have a short stop at the cave ‘La Cueva del Brollo‘, which can only be reached from the lake and was undiscovered until the year 1988. A natural element with historical value, embedded between Mogotes and well-preserved rocks. The long halls with a length of approximately 600 meters allow easy entry into the cave and its fascinating beauty.

kayak lake
-We continue paddling down the lake to Río Negro which lies roughly in the middle. Here we will make camp for the night and sleep under the open starry sky.
-Hike along the short path ‘Sendero El Mirador‘, which opens up a spectacular view over the mountains and the lake. Don’t forget your camera!
-Dinner at the restaurant Río Negro. (Menu incl. 1 drink)
-Spare time for the rest of the evening.

Accommodation: Camping in Río Negro
Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

hiking cuba

Day 3: Sunday

-After breakfast we take the kayak further south. We visit the famous waterfall ‘Cascada Los Helechos‘, have a swim in the cold and clear water or we can just enjoy the beauty of that place as well.
-The next stop of our trip is the southern levee at Hanabanilla Lake. From here we take the jeep along the Rio Guanayara all the way to the Guanayara nature park.

jeep & kayak Cuba
-On the path called ‘Centinelas del Río Melodioso‘ in Guanayara Park, you can experience the magic of the nature and discover the variety of species of flora and fauna as well as the strange shape of the rivers, the amount of waterfalls and impressive ponds in that region. Along 500 meters you can experience a unique adventure and hike near the couloir of the river until you reach the Poza del Venado, where the effort and hard work is rewarded with dreamlike water basins.
-Hike down the path ‘Sendero Centinelas del Río Melodioso‘.
-We get back in the jeep to visit the cafe in Topes de Collantes and try out the most unusual recipes of the typical Cuban coffee as well as experience an exhibit about the world coffee.
-Lunch at the private restaurant El Manantial.
-Afterwards, we head for the ‘Villa de la Santísima Trinidad‘, which was founded by Don Diego Velásquez in 1514, and later declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1988. Short stop at the El Mirador del Caribe (outlook) to take in the beauty of the region.
-Check-in at the private accommodation in Trinidad. Spare time to relax.
-Dinner at the private restaurant Los Conspiradores.
-Spare time for the rest of the evening.

Accommodation: Casa Particular in Trinidad
Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

topes del collantes

Day 4: Monday

-After breakfast in the private house in Trinidad we go to explore the river Guaurabo.
-Near the Ma. Dolores Resort we get in our kayaks to paddle down Guaurabo River until we reach the fishing village at the river outfall La Boca. In this town Hernán Cortés set sail towards Mexico to conquer the Aztec empire in 1518. So the small fishing village did not play an insignificant part in the new discoveries in Mexico.
-We take the kayak all the way to the María Aguilar beach of the peninsula Ancón. Here you have spare time to spend at the beach.

-Lunch at the private restaurant La Mirnera in the fishing village Casilda.
-After a tasty meal with seafood, we return to Trinidad for a tour through the historic center of the city. We will see the Iglesia Parroquial de la Santísima Trinidad (holy trinity church) which was built in 1892, the Palacio de Brunet (romantic museum) built in 1812, the Palacio de Cantero (museum about the city’s history) built in 1828 and the Casa de los Sánchez-Iznaga (museum about colonial architecture). Visit of the La Canchánchara, a manor built in 1723 that offers special as well as typical drinks like the La Canchánchara (the house is named after it). Stop at the Casa del Alfarero (pottery) and various other places.
-Return to the private accommodation in Trinidad. Spare time.
-Dinner at the private restaurant Jazz Café.
-Spare time for the rest of the evening.

Accommodation: Casa Particular in Trinidad
Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 5: Tuesday

-Breakfast in your accommodation in Trinidad.
-We take our jeep and drive towards Cienfuegos, along the southern coast of the Caribbean sea all the way to the Yaguanabo valley, where we will paddle down the river with the same name and appreciate the gorgeous flora and protected fauna.
At the river outfall we can even gaze upon a ‘Tibaricón‘, a growing riverbank made of sand, typical for many rivers in Cuba, which end in a turbulent groundswell leading into the sea. That is especially the case during the dry season.
-Departure to Villa Guajimico. In this place that is so perfectly located at the south coast, there is a hidden paradise with a tributary, impressive vegetation, forests, caves and small hidden beaches. The atmosphere in this place is achieved by pure nature with a perennial steady and nice climate and through calm waters and seabeds with corals that are absolutely ideal for snorkeling and diving adventures. Here you can find true relaxation!
-Lunch at the private restaurant Piña Colada.
-Check-in at the Villa Guajimico. Free time to arrive completely and relax.
-Optional: Short boat trip into the Caribbean Sea to see the beautiful sunset from the kayak.
-Dinner at the restaurant of the Villa Guajimico.
-Spare time for the rest of the evening.

Accommodation: Villa Guajimico
Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

sunset cuba

Day 6: Wednesday

-Breakfast at the restaurant of the Villa Guajimico.
-After breakfast we paddle along the shore to a lonely beach with precipices on both sides. Here you can relax at the beach and snorkel through the coral reef.
-Lunch at the restaurant of the Villa Guajimico. (Complete menu incl. 1 drink)
-Short hike through a hidden cave system.

-Short boat trip into the Caribbean Sea to see the beautiful sunset from the kayak.
-Dinner at the restaurant of the Villa Guajimico.
-Spare time for the rest of the evening.

Accommodation: Villa Guajimico
Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

cave cuba

Day 7: Thursday

-Breakfast at the restaurant Villa Guajimico.
-We take our jeep to the botanical garden of Cienfuegos. It was founded by Edwin Atkins, who was an American sugar farmer, and his wife at the start of the 20th century under the name: ‘Harvard Botanical Station for Tropics and Sugar Cane Research’. The Atkins couple were plant aficionados and began to gather and plant tropical and rare plants from different countries in their own garden shortly afterwards. Today, the garden is home to a huge collection of tropical and exotic plants (2000+ species), separated in 670 types and 125 botanical families. This almost complete collection has orchids (400+), palms (230+), ficus (65+) and bamboo (29).


-We continue on to the Lagune de Guanaroca at Cienfuegos bay. This lagoon is home to one of the biggest swarms of pink flamingos in Cuba.
-We hop in our kayaks and venture into the Lagune de Guanaroca to be able to take pictures of the pink flamingos.

Afterwards, we paddle along the south coast and Cienfuegos Bay towards the west to Punta Milpa. We will pass sunken ships, submarines and small islands.
-Short tour on the Caribbean Sea to be able to see the beautiful sunset from the Kayak.
-Lunch at the Rancho Cristal, a nice private restaurant at the seaside. You will absolutely love this place!
-After lunch we take the jeep to Cienfuegos and go on a discovery tour in the historic city center. Cienfuegos is an architectural jewel with immense French influences. It has phenomenal patrimonial parks, prototypes of neoclassicism, new art and also the Art Deco. Arrival in the city and visit of the José Martí Park (national memorial) and the most interesting places and buildings the city can offer: Catedral de la Purísima Concepción (cathedral with colorful mosaics, built from 1833-1869), Theater Tomás Terry (built in 1889), Palacio de Ferrer (built in the 1890s) and El Arco de Triunfo (the only triumphal arch in Cuba, built in 1902).
The city center holds 6 buildings from the years from 1819–1850, 327 from the years from 1851–1900 and 1188 buildings from the 20th century. There is no other place at the Caribbean Sea with such an impressive number of neoclassicistic buildings.
-Visit of the Palacio del Valle (1917), an elegant electric mansion, which combines parts of the Mudéjar, Byzantine, Venetian, Gothic and Baroque styles.
-Check in at the private house in Cienfuegos. Spare time to arrive and relax.
-Valedictory dinner at the private restaurant Doña Nora.
- Spare time for the rest of the evening.

Accommodation: Casa Particular in Cienfuegos
Food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

kayaking cuba

Day 8: Friday

-Breakfast at your private accommodation in Cienfuegos.
-Departure to Havana, Varadero, Santa Clara or Cienfuegos International Airport, or another desired place.

End of the Adventure

Note: We will provide you with much more advice, information and many tips regarding your entire trip!


Jeep & Kayak Adventure                                  booking information            

8 days / 7 nights with jeep and guide

Price per person in Euro

Double room: 2119 Euro

Single room: 2229 Euro

Included in the price:

- Pickup at the airport and transfer from the international airports Havana, Varadero, Santa Clara or Cienfuegos
- Transfers from/to airport to/from accommodation
- Transportation in Jeep 4 x 4 wir AC
- English speaking guide
- 7 overnights
- Cienfuegos Casa Particular
- Río Negro/Hanabanilla Camping/Full board
- Trinidad Casa Particular
- Trinidad Casa Particular
- Villa Guajimico/Full board
- Villa Guajimico/Half board
- Cienfuegos Casa Particular
- Rental kayak and equipment
- Kayak Tour Guide
- Fees for trips and sightseeing events as shown in the program
- 24-hour support

Not included in the price:

- Airport transfers at arrival and departure outside the program days
- Overnight stays outside the program
- Only/additional German speaking travel guide (33 Euros surcharge per day)
- Surcharges of any kind
- Expenses for services outside the program offered
- Optional trips, excursions and services
- Tips
- Drinks in the Paladares, Casas, Restaurants or other places
- Tourist tax Cuba and handling fee (p.p. 40 EUR)
- Tourist map on arrival (p.p. 25 EUR)
- Airport tax on departure (is charged together with the ticket by the airline)

Changes and deviations in the entire program and accommodations are reserved. The order of the days’ tours are determined by the tour guide and can deviate from the program or be carried out in a different order.

Tour guide:
We would like to point out that the tour guides’ knowledge of the English language can vary. 

General information and program changes:
Please consider that sights, gastronomical facilities can close last-minute and without advance notice. In cases like that we will try our best to find an offer of equal value within the limits of resources available.

Regarding hotels, please note:
Cuba is in a difficult situation when it comes to hotels. Due to overbookings it can come to last-minute reservation changes. The hotels cannot be compared to the standards of hotels in other countries despite their category specifications (Stars) and/or the affiliation with international hotel chains. Due to the colonial construction method of many city hotels, not all rooms have windows.

Changes, fallacies, transmission or typos are reserved.
Our announcements, confirmations and travel conditions are essential for our offers.

Please ask for our dream beach offers for some quality relaxing time after this trip!

If you book a 2 or 3 week long Cuba trip, we will happily put together a package that includes a seaside destination (beach) of your choice.


All overnights and accommodation as written in the program.


Booking of your flight: 

We recommend to search for flights via flight search machines of your country. 

But if you need help, we will assist you at any time. 

airport Havana



Please remember to bring appropriate hiking shoes and gear on all trips and hikes, as well as a sufficient amount of water/drinks. And don’t forget your swimwear.

Travel Request

Travel Request


There is the possibility to go diving during or in connection with your trip. Please let us know in advance, if you would like to go snorkeling or diving and we will be pleased to assist you in finding the right choice.

Further information you can find at