Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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Cuba Classic Car Trips

A dream of many men, but also women. Cruising through Cuba with a classic car of the 50s...


Classic Car Trip "On the trails of Tobacco and Rum" - 3 days

On the trails of Tobacco and Rum: Havana and Viñales - 2 nights in a private house - Bed&Breakfast  - with a classic car, driver and tour guide 

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Classic Car Trip "Picturesque Westcuba - 4 days"

A 4 day round trip through West Cuba. Collect gorgeous impressions in a short period of time.


Classic Car Trip "Charming West Cuba" - 5 days

Classic Car Tour „Charming West Cuba“: 5 day exclusive trip to the highlights of west Cuba for fans of American Classic Cars from the 1950s.


Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days

Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s and the particular flair. 


Classic Car Trip "Wonderful Western and Central Cuba" - 7 days

Exclusive roundtrip to Western and Central Cuba: The 7-day roundtrip shows you the beauty of…


Classic Car-Roundtrip "Magical West and Central Cuba - 10 days"

Classic Car-Roundtrip "Magical West and Central Cuba": a 10 day private classic car trip to Cuba’s West…


Classic Car Round Trip "Tobacco Road West Cuba - 10 days"

Trip to the world famous tobacco production area: 10 day private classic car trip with driver…


Classic Car Trip "Surprise West and Central Cuba - 15 days"

Surprise West and Central Cuba - 15 days: A classic car tour with driver and guide and…


Classic Car Trip "Surprise Cuba - 27 days"

Surprise Cuba - 27 days: From the West to the East in 27 days. A classic…