Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days


Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s…

Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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Cuba cigars

Cuba cigars - Cohiba - a cigar captures the world! 

The world´s best cigars come from Cuba and are are smoked by many popular personalities and men of world!

Be it Montecristo, the Cohiba or the Romeo y there anyone who has not known of the famous cigars!

Tobacco from Cuba became popular in the world with Christoph Columbus. In October 1492 the great admiral landed in Cuba and saw how the natives "drinking smoke". The natives called these tobaccosticks "Cohiba". Today the brand "Cohiba" belongs to the most famous brands in the world and was reissued and produced by Fidel Castro and Che Guevarra after the revolution. In this connection the "Cohiba Esplendidos und Cohiba Lanceros" became a special appreciation.

Information about the production of tobacco

In the beginning of september, the tobacco seeds are sowed in the state-owned tobacco-plant centres. To protect the seedlings against the sun, they are covered by bags. After 30 days, the seeds are grown to plants with a height of 20 centimeters. Now the seedlings are transplanted to the fields of the tobacco farmers (Vegueros).

From now on the tobacco farmers are responsible for the development of the tobacco plants. Mostly the seeds Corojo and Criollo are used for the cultivation of tobacco in Cuba. The Coroja plant is used for the wrapper of the cigar and therefore belongs to the most expensive tobacco leaf in Cuba.

Criollo is used for the filler (tripa) and the binder (capote). After 2 month of growth the flowers at the top and the laterals bolt. To prevent the slowing of the growth of the leafs, the flowers and laterals are removed immediately to leave the plant nutrient for the new leafs.

The first leafs are harvested shortly after. At first, the big leafs are taken, later the smaller leafs follow. The tabak plant is approximately 1,80m hight. From the seedling to the end of the crop it takes 2 months. 

After the crop, the leafs are picked seperately, rolled to bales and brought to the dry hovels (Casas del Tabacco). Within the next 40 days, the leafs get a brown colour and lose up to 80% of their weight. 

Afterwards, the 1st fermentation begins. Therefore, the leafs are put together to small heaps of 1 meter height and covered. The temperature must not increse 33 degrees celsius. The temperature is regulated by turning the leafs. 
In this phase the leafs get an over-all colour and break down nicotine, tar and acidity. Besides the flavor develops.  
The 2nd fermention lasts approximately 4-12 weeks and is not allowed to pass 40 degrees. The longer the fermention lasts, the darker the colour of the tobacco leafs gets. Only now, the leafs are ready for the stocking and the workmanship.

The best growing area in Cuba is in the province Pinar del Rio, in the area of Vuelto Abajo. There, in the region of San Juan and Martinez, the most famous tobacco farmers like Alejandro Robaina and Hector Luis Prieto have their tobacco plantations (Vegas). 

Vega Robaina

The old and big man of the Cohiba was without controversy Alejandro Robaina, who embossed the Cohiba Cigar in a specific flavoured way. 

Don Alejandro Robaina was born March 20th 1919 in Alquizar in Cuba.

He died April 15th 2010 at the age of 91 years. 

The legendary planter with the straw hat was the only Cuban, a cigar was named after: the Vegas Robaina. On the website of the Cuban-Spanish enterprise Habanas, the Charisma of the deceased was highly valued, a man who planted tobacco already at the age of 12 years. 

Even in the third generation, he headed the tobacco plant, which was founded in 1845, in the best tobacco area of the world. It was also him, who convinced his latter-day good friend Fidel Castro of not socialising the tobacco plantations after the revolution, but keeping them in family property. Due to his merits for the Cuban tobacco, the brand Vegas Robaina was launched in 1997. 

Even in old age, Alejando Robaina still developed new tobacco mixes and cigars. For own requirements special cigars are produced at his own property. Alejandro Robaina lived a very moderate life in a small Finca in the centre of this plantations and travelled through the world as an ambassador for Cuban cigars. Since the beginning of 2004 his grandson Hiroshi heads the cultivation of tobacco at the Vega. 

Vega Hector Prieto

The new cigar guru of Cuba is now the 41 year old Hector Luis Prieto in the growing area San Juan y Martinez. His Finca de Bolado is located in a beautiful scenery with a small river, surrounded by his tobacco plants and fruit plantations. 

Hector Luis Prieto

At the tobacco farm of Vega Hector Prieto you get to know almost everything about the cultivation of tobacco and soon you can also stay for longer in one of the two guest rooms. Out of the leafs of his precious tobacco plants, choicest Cohibas, Montecristos and Romeos y Julietas are produced. In the year 2008, Hector Prieto was honored to be "Habana-Man of Year" and the all-time youngest Cuban prize winner for the cultivation of tobacco and for the unique quality. 

Hector says: "You have to be married with the tobacco, to understand the plant and give the right affection for growing." He takes a drag on his cigarette. I covenant with the tobacco to cultivate it successfully. Hector is happy about every guest and shows him or her how much work and passions means 1 cigar. 

Tabakanbaugebiet Westkuba 

Our tobacco- and cigar trips

For aficionados of cigars we arrange several times a year small group trips or individual special tobacco trips to Cuba, to Hector Prieto, Vega Robaina and other famous tobacco farmers. Those cigar trips are very much in demand and successful, because you might get the chance to get to know the legend "Robaina".

If you would like to join one of our cigar trips, you are very welcome and we are open for all your wishes and try to arrange your custom-made trip.

Our 1 or 2 week trips normally include:

Flight to Kuba / Havana

5 nights in the centre of Havana

City Tours Havana on the trails of the tobacco

Visitation of the tobacco factories in Havana

Visitation of the famous tobacco shops in Havana

Visitation of the rum factory and other museums in Havana

Stop with cocktail for taking pictures over the roofs of Havana

Daytrip and Smoker-Trip with the famous "Hershey"-Train to the back country of Havana

Trip to Pinar del Rio

1 night in Pinar del Rio

Visitation of the tobacco- and liqueur factory of Pinar del Rio

Visitation of the tobacco farms and several tobacco farmers in Vuelta Abajo

Visitation of the Vega Hector Prieto and Vega Robaina

2 nights in the Finca "La Guambino".

Trip to Vinales and excursion to the valleys of the tobacco plantations of Vinales 

Visitation of caves

2 nights in Vinales

Daytrip to the island Cayo Levisa for bathing

Return trip to Havana with an excursion the nature parc Las Terrazas and Soroa

1 night in Havana

Trip to Cienfuegos

Sightseeing of Cienfuegos with harbor tour and visitation of the tobacco factory 

2 nights at the beach of Cienfuegos

Excursion into the environments

Trip to Trinidad

Sightseeing of Trinidad and the environment

1 night in Trinidad

Trip to Santa Clara

Sightseeing of the Che Guevarra Memorials

Visitation of the tobacco factory

Return trip to Havana

1 night in Havana

Strolling through Havana

Trip Home

Please ask for travel dates and our individual travel offers! 


You would like to taste a "Habano" before your trip or you ran out of cigars?

Just let us know. We can advise you and fulfill your desires! We do always have a small choice of Cuban cigars for our customers.