Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days


Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s…

Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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 Other Destinations:


Casas Cienfuegos



- is a city on the southern coast of Cuba, capital of Cienfuegos Province.

- lies at the bay Bahía de Cienfuegos

- due to its attractiveness is called „La Perla del Sur“

- is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage since 2005, citing Cienfuegos as the best extant example of the 19th-century early Spanish Enlightenment implementation in urban planning.

Casa 01ZCI

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Casa 02ZCI

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Casa 03ZCI

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Casa 03ZCI-03.jpg
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Casa 03ZCI-06.jpg

Casa 04ZCI

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