Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days


Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s…

Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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About us

We are the Travel Specialist for Cuba

Since 1993 we are taking people on memorable holidays to Cuba and there are only a few travel companies, which can offer you Cuba in such a complexity as we do. To become a specialist for Cuba you have to live in Cuba and this beautiful charm country has to get a part of your life. Cuba became and is our second Home Country.

Our Travel Agency in Erlangen / Germany

The staff in our office in Erlangen/Germany will give you the feeling of being in good hands. Having experience for years lets us know, how Cuba is like and how to organise your trip best possible. 









Our local presence in Havana Cuba

In contrast to other Cuba Tour operators we are on Cuba for already many years. We work here with a big team and have different offices on site – we are home at Cuba. As our customers, you can profit from this with extensive detailed information and a special individual service on Cuba:

• We can co-ordinate all trips for you by ourselves and form them according to your travel wishes.
• We do know Cuba not only from the desk, we breath, live and work here and travel constantly around the whole country and can tell you a lot about every spot and therefore give you many insider tips.
• We form your Cuba travelling lifelike, skin near and very close to nature. You will have the feeling to really get to know the country. We compose a desirable trip and the destinations are especially selected for you to get an unforgettable dream vacation experience.
• We are not depended on other third agencies, expensive single mediators or other cost full organisation offices on Cuba. We organise on site everything by ourselves and together with our Cuban partners, therefore we can offer the Cuba trip to you more reasonably.


Team Cuba4Travel Havana

Extensive offer of information

With Cuba4Travel you can find all information that you need for your Cuba trip. Our website offer of information respective the travel programmes and destinations is formed as extensively as possible and we work steadily to extend it even more detailed. If you still have questions, call us (++ 49 9131-9706 771) or write us per e-mail (see contact badge on top). We will answer your questions immediately!

Our travel offers

What you will not find with Cuba4Travel: An all-inclusive standard trip and mass tourism. We would like to offer you YOUR holiday and experience trip which was worked out exactly according to your wishes and has your individual air!
Of course we also have all package tour suppliers in our program and offer those, too, if you like. You can get from us a combination offer or other desirable trip achievements to your package tour, individually and directly worked out for you.
Our specials are combination trips to different destinations on Cuba, as well as combinations with experience travelling! For example a normal holiday at the beach combined with round trips and diving. Or quite individually and especially travel tours full with an amount of culture, wonderful beaches and the nightlife of the bigger towns!
Of course you can also get with us a comfortable beach holiday on a lovely beach site! A comfortable program, good hotel classes, wonderful holiday places, cultural and historical experiences and a restful vacation.
However, we also have the special experience trip for you! These trips are tailor-made, on account of single trip, dance course, salsa workshop, diving course, language course, carnival, trekking, biking and a lot more, we also have the suitable trip for your holiday passion and all your special wishes.

Our tour guides on site

All our tour guides speak English and other languages and persuade you with profound Cuba knowledge. We will pick you up at the airport and therefore you will always have contact with us – before begin of your trip and also afterwards. Any time during your stay on Cuba you can call our respective hotline phone numbers with our guides and representatives and therefore we can always immediately get active for you.

Comprehensive travel consultation and inexpensive offers

Travel agencies are a good thing, but how many know a lot about Cuba? Because we are at home on Cuba, we can serve our customers with a direct marketing and consultation. This means you will get all information directly. Besides, you can save money, because you don´t have to pay other commissions to other travel mediators. Therefore, in our offers we pass all commission fees directly to you and so fare our trips are clearly inexpensive!

Close to nature travel and meet winning people

If you make an individual tour with us, you will experience very closely this nice country with its winning people. We will give you travel proposals about special routes and tips for natural-nice places which you would not find otherwise.

Contacts with locals and guest families

If you prefer more contact with Cuban people, we can realise this with pleasure for you and bring you to private houses with nice people. Here you are integrated into the life-style of the Cuban families and get to know this wonderful country even more. Travelling with us means contacting the local population, an important component for you to get to know the country authentically.

The quality of our trips

For us it is a big concern to offer you an authentic high-quality trip. Moreover it is not only the careful elaboration of our tours to realise your trip with no problems, but also your special personal wishes that count for us. We bend over backwards to enable you a successful vacation on Cuba!

Travel planning

Simply send us in short words your travel wishes. With pleasure and with our long-standing experience we will work out our best price offer according to your wishes and send it to you as a non-binding travel offer! Then, of course, we can work together furthermore on your desired Cuba trip – until it will finally be the right one.

We will be very happy to welcome you soon on Cuba!

Your Cuba4Travel - Team