Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days


Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s…

Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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CUBA: Our Travel Recommendations


Cuba´s Dream Beaches

The beaches of Cuba´s North- and Southcoast offer wonderful vacations at the seaside combined with the possibility of…


Cuba Salsa Courses

With our salsa courses "a lo cubano" in Havana or Santiago de Cuba, you will lern to feel the real Cuban rhythm...  

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Cuba Classic Car Trips

A dream of many men, but also women. Cruising through Cuba with a classic car of the 50s...For further offers,…

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Cuba Cigars and Rum

What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

Bienvenido a Cuba - Welcome to Cuba

Dream travelling to Cuba of your Cuba Specialist

No other country is like Cuba, the queen of the Antilles and pearl of the Caribbean, the island with the incredible warm charm of its people and the endless paradise beaches, its picturesque capital of Havana and the everlasting pulsating Rhythms of the Cuban salsa. Come with us to the natural-nice dream beaches with the heavenly sugar powder beaches and the turquoise-blue sea, the ideal bath paradise for the whole family. Visit the legendary colonial towns, the countless nice areas of Cuba with huge natural scenery, embedded in delightfully green tropical mountain sides. Experience the island with its quite special exotic Caribbean atmosphere, the rousing Salsa rhythms, the rum, the cigars and the world-famous Tropicana Show. Enjoy the infinite charm of the country and the friendliness of the laughing people of Cuba. Restore yourselves to the car world of the 50s and marvel at the past stopped putatively here of the great Classic coaches like in a Hollywood film.

With us you experience Cuba very closely and authentically. You will become the fire and the spirit of this country. The country of the Spanish conquerors, with breathtaking stories of the sugar barons and the revolutionaries. Viva Cuba!


Special offer "CHRISTMAS EVENING" in Havana

Fiesta Navidad Cubana

Celebrate christmas with Cubans

On monday, december 25th 2017, we arrange again the Fiesta Navidad Cubana, a christmas party for foreigners and natives. We invite everyone, who spends christmas in Cuba/Havana, to come and celebrate this evening with us!

Our guests will get picked up by a shuttle from every hotel in the urban quarter. 

If you do not have a program for christmas yet, come to our christmas party and enjoy the evening with us. 

As a matter of course, we can also organise an accommodation in Havana for you, either hotel or Casa Particular. 

Find out more about the CHRISTMAS SPECIAL



Special Trip "Surprise West Cuba"

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►Come and see! Exclusive trip including awesome experiences through the authentic West Cuba - in a classic car, with chauffeur and guide and accommodation in private houses...



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