Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West" - 7 days


Classic Car-Roundtrip "The wild West": 7-day Cuba experience trip through the West for lovers of American classic cars of the 50s…

Cuba Cigars and Rum

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What is Cuba most popular for? Of course for its first-class tobacco, the world-famous cigars and the real rum...

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Private accommodations

Cuba private accommodations: Experience Cuba in a real authentic way! In private and cozy "Casas Particulares" you get the chance to see the Cuban life very close and get in contact with the locals. 

Private accommodations - the alternative for a hotel in a nice private environment...


Casas Particulares: If you want to get to know and experience country and people very close, you are best in a Casa Particular (Private-House). Especially on round-trips and on own initiative or individual overlandrides you can benefit from a private renter bound by contract in almost every small city. Official private accomodations are marked with the sign "Arrendador Divisa" and with this license are allowed to be rented out. 

Price per person: 30,- Euro/Person/Night in a double
Single-room extra charge 18,- Euro/Person/Night

- Breakfast (Lunch and dinner possible. Costs have to be paid on location.)
- Private shower and toilet in the room
- Doublebed or 2 single beds
- Air condition or fan
- Common living room
- Joint use of kitchen or cooking facilities
- Common yard, garden or terrace

A landline phone can be used for a fee at the renter. 

Transfers are not included. 

On request (Possibly with extra charge):
- Private TV
- Private fridge
- Private balcony
- Entire appartement with seperate entrance and several sleeping rooms. 

Information about the Casas:  
Not every room has 220 Volt. (Caution with electric razors or hair blowers, which do not have 110 – 220 Volt)  and normally the sockets are only for American flat plugs or American 3 pole plugs. In Cuba adapter plugs are not available and should be brought in your luggage. It is also good to have a flashlight or candles, if the light falls out. The rooms are mostly equipped with 1 double and  1 single bed - what means, that the rooms can be used as single, double or triple room. If 2 or 3 single beds are needed, please tell us with the booking. The renters normally boil and refridgerate the tab water, wich they offer as drinking water. But absolutely safe is only the slightly acid water, which you can buy in plastic bottles almost everywhere. Towels are provided by the renters and are normally changed (like the bed linen) every 2 days. Because of the climate, in Cuba you get only a sheet and a thin woolen blanket instead of a thick blanket. 

Windows in Casa Particulares/Private Accomodations: Fresh air from outside or open windows with sunshine are unwanted heat in the rooms. 
In Cuba, noone likes to open the windows or let sunshine into the rooms. For Europeans this is very unfamiliar. But if you want to experience the real Cuba, you must understand this climate-induced circumstances and adopt youself. The windows in Casas are often covered by curtains, to avoid heat. Often the air condition is build into the windows afterwards, because cooling-down is more important than openable windows. Windows are not made of glass, but of small horizontal wooden boards, that can be tipped and opened for cool air in the night. In Cuba, windows are only for circulation of air, but not to enjoy the view. Everything is adopted to the climate and for that reason purposeful. Most of the guests prefer to stay in an accomodation in the centre of the village/city. Hotels are usually situated outside the city. But with Casa Particulares the wish can be fulfilled to be accommodated in the centre - and that is an advantage of private accomodations over the hotels. But the Casas are normally not houses at the corner, but situated between two other houses. For this reason, the only windows are at the front of the house, where normally the living room with a balkony is located. But the rented sleeping rooms are mostly inside the appartment with a simple ventilator window to the courtyard. 
Windows with a nice view at the scenery you can only expect in very rural cities or in suburbs, but not in the centre of cities. This is especially true for Casa Particulares in Old Havana. 

Havana (Olde- and New), Viñales, Santa Clara, Remedios, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Camaguey, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, Baracoa

Booking of Hotel-/Accomodation in advance: 
Please consider, that short term changes of hotel and accomodation are normal in Cuba - even with confirmations of the hotel. Changes of program and hotels are under reserve. 

Casas in Havana

Casas in Havana: The best way to get to know Cuba - in the capital and in a private accomodation - enjoy and feel the Cuban life to the full! 

In Havana we offer:  

--> Casas in Havana Vieja

--> Casas in Havana Vedado

Casas in West Cuba

Casas Particulares in West Cuba: The best way to get to know West Cuba - in a private accomodation you can get in contact with locals and gain insight the Cuban life. 

In West Cuba we offer: 

--> Casas in Vinales

Casas in Central Cuba

Private accomodations in Central Cuba: The best way to get to know the heart of Cuba - in a private accomodation you can get in contact with locals and gain insight the Cuban life.

In Central Cuba we offer:

--> Casas in Camaguey

--> Casas in Cienfuegos

--> Casas in Sancti Spiritus

--> Casas in Santa Clara

--> Casas in Trinidad

--> Casas in Remedios

Casas in East Cuba

We do also offer nice Casas in East Cuba. Examples and pictures are coming soon.